Pat Bowlen, Denver Broncos' owner, has died at 75


Some sad news from the NFL world that happened overnight, Pat bolan longtime owner of the Denver Broncos his past the seventy five. He bought the team way back in nineteen eighty four seven Super Bowl appearances. And only seven losing seasons. In thirty four years as the owner of the team three championships, thirteen division championships. Eighteen playoff appearances. He'll be inducted into the hall of fame in August. That was decided back in February. He's been battling Alzheimer's disease for years in two thousand fourteen he stepped away from the. Day to day management of the team, a three person trust has been running the team for the past five years, and eventually one of his children. Will take over. The day to day control of the franchise seven children. It's led to some ugliness. It's lead to some legal fights. It seemed to be pointing toward. Brittany bolan who's in her late twenties, and who's coming back to work for the team, full-time soon. But the goal is to keep it in the family. But Pat bolan decided before he stepped away that he wants to be sure that the right person is running team. You have to put it in one person's hands for NFL purposes, there has to be one person who runs a team one person who controls the team day to day, one person who shows up at the meetings and cast votes on behalf of the team. And automatically if they just can't find any of the children. Who are suited to take over then, then the inferior the team could be sold. But I think the goal is Pat bowlen's goal was to keep. The franchise in the family Sarkin Dolan, says to the Broncos to the and family. Thirty five years as owner and a great, great run instrumental also in the television, growth of the NFL, the creation of NFL network. The establishment of Sunday night football as the new Monday night football, Pat, bowl and work closely with dick Ebersol. Back in two thousand six till I the foundation for the flip flop of Monday night football from broadcast to cable and Sunday night football from cable broadcast and Sunday night football became the biggest game of the week and the flex option Pepple and directly responsible for putting all that together. And having the vision to make it happen and working with dick Ebersol to make it a

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