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Brooks Koepka Finishes 2nd at the U.S. Open



Brooks cab, Kaz second place, finish his last nine major championships. He has gone first place tied for sixth tied for thirteen first place tied for tonight. First place, tied for second first place. Second place, the first place second place, first place, second place. That doesn't make any sense to me. I mean this guy that's on believable. You're planning a hundred hundred and fifty people. These guys are unbelievably good from Molinari's to tiger. Justin Rose to j t to DJ all these guys and how fucking good. They are at the game of golf, and he comes out here and posts that record in the last nine major championships that he played in its outstanding. The fact that he was that close to going back to back to back at the US open after just defending his PGA championship title in dominating fashion out at Bethpage Black. It's just really you can't say enough things about him still believe to this point. He has just six PJ door wins. Is that right? And he's got four of remainders. He's got that record right there that we just listed in the major championships. The guy is just the definition of a gamer. He brought it today. Shot off four rounds. Believe in the sixties. Yes. I'm looking right here. He's got six PJ door wins four over major championships. And again, he's got that stretch of going first second first second in the last four majors that he's played in. I mean books looking up co. He's amazing. Always looks good on the golf course he lo- is confident. It was it was kind of crazy to see him like have a regular whole on eighteen like where he didn't chip one in from behind the green, and he didn't make the long birdie putt. Like watching him just play a whole like normal offer was kind of stunning, not seeing him like do things that are super human because we're just actually it's he really did. I mean he hit a fucking three would down the pipe. And then hit a three iron that landed right next to the pen on a five hundred fifty yard par five. Yeah. I'm saying from there, though it was just like very average, like kind of like miss hit his. Well, they said was sticky where they say a sticky live ruined saying. Yeah, I was just kind of like Tang, Li you don't know exactly how it's gonna come out of that. Rough brooks. Like puts that either in or like to, to right away. The whole and then, like, then, and then guard has to step up in has to make a par to win like I it's just it was just it was odd to see him. Not be super human and actually testament good. He's for sure. That's insane. Good for Brooks cap cuts against hard to kind of overstate how dominant he's been a major championships for the last couple of years. And there's really no reason to believe that he won't continue to do that with the British Open coming up at a month, and then even just going forward. He he was so close to winning and gust of he would have made a couple of those putts down the stretch on the last few holes tiger had to really, you know, grind it out and not been able to have that cushion coming down and then easily today he could've you could've putted again, a few of those holes coming in. We made a couple bogeys, but then again a couple of holes. I mean eighteen he was so close to have an eagle bidded up making par. And so he's that frigging close on N when he's not even just that close he wins. He's won four majors has years. It's crazy down. So good for Brooks Kapka awesome to watch

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