Analyzing Mars

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The camera actually captured the settling of Martian dust as Viking landed on July. Twentieth. Nineteen seventy six more than two million miles from home. This is innovation now bringing you stories of revolutionary ideas emerging technologies and the people behind the concepts that shape the future the Viking project managed by teams at NASA. Langley gave us our first high resolution images of Mars, here's Dr Joel LeVine research, professor from the college of William and Mary who spent forty one years at Langley talk about what we learned from Viking. And and one way to do it is we've heard about marijuana four and six and seven Merrin of four a pain twenty two inches of the surface of Mars, mariner six and other fly by pain twenty-five images. Mariners seven of pain thirty three images. The Viking orbiters obtain Fifty-two. Thousand images fifty two thousand images of surface of Mars. And the interesting thing is that we are still analyzing the Viking images, and the pictures biking center earth are helping scientists today pick landing sites for Mars missions in the future for innovation. Now. I'm Jennifer pulley innovation now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA.

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