An Interview with Writer P.F. Kluge


Guest is a writer. He's a teacher of writing his works include dog day afternoon. Any in the cruisers in so many more wonderful pieces of writing his name is PF Kluger PF. How are you? Welcome to the show today. How is treating you? Life is good. I'm in my seventies. Now and in good health and doing the things that I love I enjoy teaching. I wouldn't wanna do it fulltime. I enjoy writing. I want wouldn't want to do it fulltime, and I enjoyed travel with his another thing I wouldn't want do fall time. So I sort of nimbly try and include all those things all those things but not doing any one of them all the time. Say your life. I it's it's an amazing life as as the listeners are about to find out. But you know, you're the travel part of your life. I went to college with one of my friends from college, dear friend. He has no set home, right? All he does is travel egos to Singapore Europe. It's all over the place. And that's what he does in his life in that regard. The traveling aspect of your life, reminding very much of you guys remind me of each other. You guys have an appreciation. So we my wife, and I we are not like bucket list. One and done Bruin out cross it off a list chronically, we go back to places for the fourth or the tenth time. To renew our acquaintance with it. And if Quainton with us, so you know, I'm not a citizen in these places. I don't pay taxes. I don't make money, but I'm thoroughly not a tourist when it's my pin time in out our say Austria or my seventh v to Malaka north of Singapore. And it's important to me at this state at least not to discover new places and say, you Mark that awful list, but rather go back to a place and go deeper into it. And you know, when you're in is when the local start talking to you about each other it's pity what he did to that. Places. Father would roll over in his grave that kind of thing. Though, you're writing comes from your experiences in these places. Correct. I hope I'm not putting words in your mouth. But isn't that the? Sure, there are several places that resonate with me. And I have about three. Loci for my writing or one of New Jersey where I'm from and German Americans in New Jersey, which I am. And then the other is academe this little college in Ohio, which I went to and graduated from in nineteen sixty four to five returned in in in nineteen eighty seven that's important to us.

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