Explainer 167: Why has Trump ramped up his war on the environment?


As a people, we want and need economic growth. But now we must also expect environmental responsibility and respect the natural world. It was a Republican President, George Bush, senior, and not democrat to help stay through one of the most ambitious pieces of climate change legislation today, eight amending the Clean Air Act in nineteen ninety two limit air pollution, and tackle, everything from urban smoke to acid rain while his son fad less. Well, refusing to ratify the key Oto protocol in two thousand and one and helping tank brand America around the world. George Hw mate, an important point, protecting the environment and advancing big business didn't need to be mutually exclusive when one does, if the current Oakmont of the White House, don't. Out, J Trump has ever listened to that speech. We've seen enough of this stalemate. It's time to clear the air. You know, I think we will indeed since moving into Pennsylvania Avenue in January of two thousand seventeen Trump's administration has mounted a concerted effort to refu- climate change science and loosen regulations in favor of the fossil fuel industry. So how did the forty fifth president of the US become such a champion and chief of the environmental skeptics? And they say as and why as ever with Trump. The answer is complicated and contradictory Trump's musings, own the environment, actually predate his ascendancy to the presidency taking his favorite communications medium Twitter. He regularly lamb bastard. His predecessor Barrack Obama for wasting federal money tackling global climate change and as recently as two thousand fifteen he cooled the whole thing a hoax. All of this with the global warming and that a lot of it's a hoax. It's a hoax. I mean it's a money making industry. Okay. But then, just as we're starting to think with seeing patent Donald Trump before his many about tons of trying to throw us off the scent in two thousand nine for example, he signed an open letter that challenge diploma to come up with a more meaningful climate change policy will recently, his stowed, the importance of clean-air, and who can forget, those clean co comments while allowing measures that will undermine it often his framed, his stones as a business competitively issue right now. We're at the cleanest, we've ever been. That's very important to me. But if went clean, but every other place on earth is dirty. That's not so good. Of course, actions, speak louder than woods and ever since the now shamed and departed fossil fuel politics. Scott Pruitt was installed to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. We knew something was a mess, and no action speaks, louder than the decision to put after the Paris climate agreement. A huge blow even if many of the US's largest companies have found to continue following its rulebook. More recently, the assault on climate change has talked people working in government agencies pressuring staff to avoid using the words climate change in speeches. They have also been moved meant how scientific studies carried out by doing away with worst case scenario projections, and several members of Trump's inner circle are pushing to create a climate change panel. That will challenge environmental assessments, according to a recent New York Times report, the chasm between George H W Bush, and Trump may simply be a reflection of radically different times, the age of political decorum, and bipartisanship Bush, happily mentioned the Democrats in the room in that speech along gone. Meaning a compromise on the environment is unlikely. And then there are the people that Trump has chosen to surround himself with many of them, committed climate change deniers, just listen to this Arctic Council speech by secretary of state, Mike Pompeo earlier this month. Arctic is at the forefront of opportunity and abundance, it houses thirteen percent of the world's undiscovered oil thirty percent of its undiscovered gas and an abundance of uranium rare earth minerals gold diamonds, and millions of square miles of untapped. Resources fisheries glory, dark, money donors, so competent, knee, described by New Yorker journalist, and Monaco, big interview, e Jane man, also doubtlessly have a part to play thanks to the Mercer's and the cokes, deep pockets among others, what was once fringe thinking is now part at the Republican mainstream and that includes the environment. We know that Trump and embrace of science quackery conspiracy theories doesn't have the best grasp of the facts, and whether it's someone who has the presidential ear distorted vision that the US will lose out to China, if it abandoned fossil fuels, despite the as in power moved to dominate the clean energy market, all simply watching too much FOX and friends, the whole climate crisis as they call. It is not only fake news. It's fake science. Remain be sure. But that also doesn't mean that we should doubt for one moment. The convictions of this administration. My administration is putting an end to the war on call for Monaco in New York. I'm as Docker.

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