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I have Frank Santa Padre. He is the co host of Gilbert, Godfrey's, amazing colossal podcast. This happens to be my favorite podcast aside from talking tech. Of course, a great place to get a lot of laps in stories about old Hollywood. And Frank one thing that I find really fascinating about your show. Is it sounds like you're interviewing people person to person, but many times, you're not correct? Or you're talking about the long distance broke up. How do you do that? What we do is. Well, we we originally we were doing Skype interviews, you know, when you're doing a show about old Hollywood a lot of people, especially retired people where where people in their sixties seventies and eighties live in Los Angeles. And we do the show out of New York. So that necessitated long distance and actions, we started doing them but phone calls, we realized that down very good. So we moved to Skype, but then the Skype audio would let you down because you would dependent on on the bandwidth, and and all kinds of other factors. So we decided to record people on the west coast. And then record our end, obviously on the east coast. And then our engineer mixes the two so really you get a seamless result. It sounds like we're in same room. So how do you do this does the person go to a studio and then you're negative air? They go to air will studios are our parent company partner, our partner, if you're wolf has a a studio in Hollywood. So they'll go there. And there's an engineer there. To record them. Sometimes we go to someone's home. If they're not in LA, we we recorded Robert Wagner last night. And he's an Aspen. So we dispatched an engineer to him at his house. And then they send us the audio files and our engineer Frank mixes the to file until it sounds like we're all together. How do you hear them? Over Skype hookup. Okay. Yeah. There's there's a there's a a camera. So we can see them which makes the interview better obviously, cover the other drawback to phone interviews is there's no I contact or anything you can't pick up social cues. You don't know when to speak when they're speaking. So we see them on a computer screen, and and and we hear them through through the Skype connection. We just don't use that Skype connection for for Finnish audio now when you came up with this concept, you are working with one of the great tech enthusiasts of all time. Gilbert, Godfrey, correct. Oh, there's nobody more technically proficient than Gilbert. And that of course, we're both being facetious. He is very anti tech. Now did he know what you're talking about? Did was it a tough sell mean? Tell me about this. You mean when when when we propose the idea of a podcast, so well, the podcast, and then the idea that you would use Skype to interview people. I I'm pretty sure Jeff that. After two hundred fifty maybe close to four hundred now if you count the Thursday, many episodes, I'm pretty sure he still has no idea. What a podcast is. Confident in that assessment. Yeah. He you know last night we were doing sound checks for five minutes. And the engineer couldn't understand why he couldn't hear Gilbert's voice. And then we realize he never plugged headphone, Jack he doesn't even have to use his cell phone. Tell everybody about the show. How's it doing the shows doing? Well. I mean, we never expected quite honestly this kind of response when we started. It was a large. Yes. It was started really as a labor of love and goof, I mean Gilbert, and I have known each other many years we used to sit on the phone till all hours, laughing about obscure character actors and just kind of arcane stuff that don't we thought only we cared about. When when we had the idea to actually interview some of our heroes. We thought oh, this'll be fun cult thing for a couple of hundred people, and our fellow the we didn't really know it would take off and that seventy five thousand eight thousand people a week would would download it were pleasantly surprised by the reaction and two hundred and fifty shows in. We've made a little name personnel to now. People want to do the show tell everybody about you. Because obviously Gilbert Gottfried has quite a career and from Aladdin to the comedy clubs to problem child. And all the things you guys talk about on the show, but Frank a writer tell everybody about yourself. Well, I've been a comedy writer for God about twenty five years professionally, and I've written everything I wrote for the Muppets I wrote cyber couple of screenplays that were optioned I written a lot of ward shows, I write for the comedy, central gross. I wrote the TV land awards they don't do anymore. Am I ran I wrote for I sort of made my bones writing for other comics and writing for people like Bill Murray, and oh, God all kinds of people joy Behar different people like that. And. And that kind of into into a career writing off show stuff panel what they call panel, which is celebrity talk show. I worked for the Howard Stern show for a while. So I'm kind of a joke writer, you know, writer of of one liner short form comedy award shows

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