1st round of the 2019 NFL draft is complete


Us to the first round is in the books could show for the NFL last night. Just goes to show you the popularity of this league. And I I know I keep harping on this. But it's bears repeating there were a lot of people who made a lot of bones for themselves by predicting the death of this league, eventually real demise of this leak, but there were over one hundred thousand people if not close to two hundred thousand people that descended on natural last night that that went very very deep down Broadway. They were everywhere rooftop bars. They were coming out of windows. They were pouring off of bridges just to see this. It was let me make this clear. This was big. Business by the league. This could have been done behind closed doors. No one needs to watch the draft. No one needs to make it. You don't have. They don't even have to make a television show the sporting event that they do that has to be a television show that has to be for the public. That's how you make your money. The business side of this picking players that doesn't have to be a show that doesn't have to be on stage. That doesn't have to be a festival that could have been done in a in a bar in a ballroom in New York City like it used to years past, but because people want this product because the league wants so wants to connect with its fans make the fans this is why the big celebrations over the last couple of years they've taken this thing on the road. In essence, this is this is become the NFL's big party for the public a Super Bowl not so much because you're bringing in fan bases of two teams. Right. If you're a dolphins fan, you just don't go to the Super Bowl to hang out. But you can go to the drafting you can go to wherever city that the draft is having and you could hang out, and I saw jerseys from every team last night everywhere. It was awesome. It was my first draft was I loved it. But but the picks over the money is made for this the picks, or what is the talking point not the rain, not the band, not the Goodell booing, not the, you know, the colorful fans that came out in their costumes. What mattered was the picks and Kyla Murray going number one set this draft up to be normal. But then the raiders kind of made made a big move with the fourth pick. They took us lean Farrell at Clemson the edge rusher. Now, this was the surprise pick that John. Talked about now. Listen for Rosie good play. A really good players. A first team all American. You won the Ted Hendricks award for the best defensive end in college football. He played for a defense. That was one of the top defenses in college football for the top team in college football. Okay. But he could have been had in the twenties. They really liked him. Or at least wanted to make a statement that they were going to get him. But he wasn't projected to be a top five pick. Now, why the raiders made him a top five pick? When he wasn't projected. Who knows maybe the don't listen to mock draft guys all the time. Maybe it's because they don't listen the pundits. They are really they day. See something that they think other teams are going to see like they are. So they do their draft board. They watch him. They watch it. He's a beast. They watch him play. He's great. They want him at four. But they think other teams want him at six or seven or five or whatever. So they have to feel like they make the move. If this is the guy they really want. They get them. Now. Here's the thing. I can criticize the raiders you can criticize the raiders for making that pick early because they had two picks later on. But maybe the reality is that the two guys in the twenties, which we'll talk about later that they knew that they could get there. And those guys they really wanted to. So in essence, I can't fall to team forgetting who they want, but I can criticize where you get that player. And none bigger than what the giants. Did it six? This to me was the shocking move of the draft. This had everybody in the media Senegal. Daniel Jones of Duke getting picked in the six spot from the New York Giants who had the seventeenth pick in the draft and could have gotten them there. I thought need a huge mistake here. Jones. Is a David cut cliff product. He is a manning passing academy product the giants like the way he threw it pro day, but you don't make this move at six. There is defense of galore on the board. And you've got to go get Josh Allen is on the table. And you let him go you see how fast Jacksonville made their pick. When they took Daniel Jones. Josh Allen Kentucky was on the board for the giants. They could have gotten one of the best edge rusher in the draft. And they went quarterback a position right now. This very second. They don't need. They would probably have liked but don't need because the move you made. Here wasn't just getting a good old quarterback tobacco ally. Manning for couple years. This is going to be your franchise guy. Are you that Schorr Daniel Jones at Duke is your franchise guy? If you have manning plate next year, you could have set yourself up for getting Jalen hurts Jake from two tons of Loa any other quarterbacks. They you still can don't get me wrong. You could pull one Arezzo pulled and get your second quarterback. But normally that's not how it's done. I can see the New York media, and they're already started. Daniel Jones is the least popular draft pick. The giants have had in a long time. Hey, must've really fell in love with because I don't get this one at all. And I know I could be nice. Oh, he did really good at two key. He throws a good ball. He was accurate up above you. Just still don't make the play here. Dave Gettleman smarter than this. I praised the Gettleman higher coming from the Carolina Panthers to New York, but but can eat does. He know what he's doing with. Does. He have a plan for the for the New York Giants for this football team. Because I don't see it. And the other thing about about where the giants are going here. Is again, you just put ally manning on the clock. Now, I've been telling you, this is this is why I wouldn't have done this. If I was to get my my franchise quarterback with the sixth pick. If you wanna get a quarterback just to get a quarterback get him at seventeen or in around two or three. Now, drew lock is available for crying out loud. But by making the statement, you've put ally manning on the clock. Luckily for manning, this isn't a popular pick with giants fans. Because if it was a popular pick with giants fans, then Eli is gonna feel the pressure next season. And he's going to feel his career and his light on his career diminish after everything he's done for New York ending by being benched for this kid and never getting his job back. Luckily, this is not a popular pick. And maybe get him into saying this is the guy that has to learn and grow, but we like his long-term

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