This Accounts for 15% of Violent Crime in the U.S.


It makes up fifteen percent of all violent crime yet often remain shrouded behind silence inside the dark world of domestic violence also known as private violence intimate terrorism Rachel Louise starters folks include fugitive dental moving story of people in pants and a borderless world of global trade in the novel what we've lost is nothing been the recipient of an overseas Press awards he's an associate professor at American University and the new book is no visible bruises what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us and it was recently awarded the J. Anthony Lukas work in progress award welcome Rachel how are you I'm great thank you so much for having me this is an absolutely chilling pork and in many cases women in preparing for their own deaths I was told to ask you first though on your tour right you but you had some experience with domestic violence or something the savage irony yeah well three weeks ago I came home and I to a phone call that one of my closest friends brothers had killed his wife family here and it lives near me my daughter is really close friends with one of their two daughters and yeah so I'm frontline in my personal life with their right now on it just been unbelievable well let me start with this then to this is been about a week ago the twenty fifth anniversary of the OJ Simpson murder case the time it appeared in a criminal way she's got away with murder and attacked the reputation of the victims have at how things change in your mind since that event in some ways they've changed a great deal I mean we didn't have a federal law against child abuse in this country until the nineteen eighty four just a decade before Nicole brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were killed so if you look at it if you if you look at that view of history we've made quite a lot of progress since then what tracking it now we have all kinds of training that are out there we learned a lot but there are so many examples in fact since twenty seventeen three Alan homicide rate in this country has gone up thirty three percent it feels very much like a step forward or step back if you're looking at it from my point of view I know if you know this so but I'll just do it quickly we've had a a woman right in the next town over New Canaan Jennifer Davalos who disappeared and her husband who she had moved away from in fear of hurt his blood was found mixed with hers in her house and he was seated night disposing with his girlfriend thirty garbage bags lawyer since has said that she wrote a five hundred page manuscript years ago and they they're calling it gone girl the chief frame she wants to frame her husband for her fake murder now what they've changed it to revenge suicide and they've said she was mentally ill and as you know used car went and this what do you think about this kind of stuff right about that because it's really shocking I mean you know the price Hogan right with the four o'clock five John two sets of twins and I have twins so yeah I have a daughter myself I I mean revenge suicide you're gonna leave your children otherwise you know to a woman who's been in their lives who has never shown any sign anything it's ridiculous but you know what I mean all of these things speak to a sort of cultural almost cultural appropriation women in this country you know even when we are credible we are to be believed to be discounted we are to be dismissed in whatever way we can and I think you know one of the reasons I think the plastic mount homicide rate has risen to twenty seventeen is a retaliatory violence against women in particular women's anger at and also I would conclude men men with young men who are allies of the women's rights and women's equality I think we are all angry about about this I think we're all angry in this moment

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