Venezuela in crisis


Venezuela is a country in freefall as economic mismanagement an international sanctions. Combine to create desperately difficult times for its citizens as global debate centers, on who's to blame successive, socialist governments or countries like the US, who are putting the squeeze on the government of nNcholas Maduro, people are struggling for basics like food and medicine. US correspondent Zoe Daniel has recently returned from Venezuela as gentlest Venezuela is not an easy country to work in media vases, difficult to get and even with them in hand report is closely monitored by the authorities and government backed armed groups called collective owes rooms need to be checked for bugs sensitive interviews must be discussed in hushed tons movements should not be telegraphed and should never happen after dark time spent in each location needs to be limited violent crime is also close to the w-. I in the world and much of the story that needs to be told is in the slums, or barrios, where poverty hunger and disparition exacerbates that risk. There are also the gangs who trade in drugs, and ruled the roost in recent months, escalating political tensions have added the risk of protest rallies, turning violent clashes between opposition activists and government troops and proxies, all of this means that the stories of ordinary Venezuelans are infrequently told but when you give them the chance this sentiments a clear. Something by women and men young and old have to realize the critical situation, the country, is going through these days, hunger, misery, repression and unemployment. We spent a week in the slums of Caracas and surrounds talking to people about life and politics. Well, I. Research says that nine out of ten people in Venezuela, count afford enough food, because of hyperinflation, which is rented the local currency almost valueless government food parcels that handed out monthly a dwindling. Sometimes now, they come only every second or third month, and they're often missing case applies like milk. There's widespread frustration and people are starting to voice it. Even with the risk of recriminations, Ropeway sediment Settimio, nothing seems to improve it all gets worse. So I think they should be change to give the opportunity for someone else to rule the situation has created a window of opportunity for opposition later. One guy who was backed by the US, and ustralia among dozens of other countries when he declared himself president after twenty eighteen elections that are widely condemned as flawed, although you get the sense that it's a case of right place. Right. Time rather than one guy DOE, having specifically captured the public imagination ROY Innis weather. It's not just a problem for Venezuela, what the international community has done so far is very important. The recognition of our constitution and of me as interim president Australia did that to what's important. Now is to keep the pressure up the dictatorship won't voluntarily leave. And fortunately them enduro government wouldn't respond to the concerns raised by those who can't get enough food or medicine at a time when political division globally runs deep Venezuela's, plied attracts, at a response almost all of the Venezuelans that I've encountered blame the economic collapse, on mismanagement by successive governments who've nationalized, assets, subsidized goods and services failed to manage the country's oil revenues and allowed endemic, cronyism and corruption. They don't always mention soc. Realism specifically many still harked back formerly to the days of logistics, under, former president Hugo Chavez. But for many observers Venezuela's become a symbol of the broader failure of the socialist model, that's gained particular traction as lift and right retreat to their corners, the world over. However, defenders of socialism, attack outside nations for interfering in Venezuela, particularly the United States, which is imposed harsh sanctions and an embargo on oil Russia, China and Cuba continue to back the Madero administration. And that's a K driver of US involvement. The big picture issues, but for ordinary Venezuelans who've seen they country go from the richest in Latin America to a basket case they just want something to change, so they can feed their families, but from Caracas that's North American correspondent, Zoe Daniel.

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