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Trump, little speech today. Yeah. Not happy. Maybe some political theater going on as President Trump called off a meeting on infrastructure with Democrats barely. He told Chuck and Nancy to go pound sand until these investigations end. Well, they were supposed to have this meeting today. And then he says, I'm I supposed to feel they're talking about I'm, you know, covering stuff up there saying, I'm engaged in a cover up there, saying that potentially I need to be impeached. I mean, here's the president in this last minute rose garden announcement caught everybody off guard. It seems so I came here to do a meeting on infrastructure with Democrats. Not really thinking they wanted to do infrastructure or anything else other than investigate, and I just saw that Nancy Pelosi just before meeting made the statement that we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up. Well, it turns out on the most, I think most of you would agree to this. I'm the most transparent president probably in the history of this country and instead of. Walk it in happily into a meeting. I walk into look at people that are just said that I was doing a cover up, I don't do cover ups, you people know that probably better than anybody. I wanna do infrastructure. I want to do it more than you wanna do. I'd be really good at that. That's what I do. But you know what? You can't do it under these circumstances. So get these phony investigations of with get the phony investigations over with quit doing this, 'cause can I work with these people when this keeps going I can understand where he's coming from because if you have if you're really trying to, to meet in the middle how can you have a conversation with somebody like that when they're saying that I mean wh-what Nancy Pelosi say this morning? Not only that he's engaged in a cover up. But I pray for the president of the United States in this whole country. Oh, gosh. When you have the melodrama going on. How are you supposed to actually try to get anything done? When you have people who are acting unreasonably at times, how are we supposed to actually come to the table and negotiate. What is this really about this is about Democrats going to Nancy saying, we got a beach, even though she said, for while this is a bad move. We should not do this, and now you have so many. Crafts, knocking down her door saying, we've got to do this. Nancy, right. And so then she comes out with her statement to fees people, and, yeah, it gets in the way of working together on pretty much anything ask you this. If you are the GOP. And if you are the Republican party is this something you welcome almost? I mean I'm not saying you open the door, but I'm saying is this the worst thing, because isn't this already one of those things that we've decided this one time. And now you want to reboot on the whole investigate. And now aren't the American people are gonna go okay enough already? Yeah. I mean can't this bite you in the tail? Absolutely. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I welcome it impeachment proceeding one. Because if there is, if there is something still somehow that wasn't uncovered by Robert Muller, we should know that. But then also because politically assuming there isn't anything else. It helps Trump, and it helps the Republican party, because they can point and look at the Democrats say even after you had one guy, who's entire existence was centered around investigating this president in Bob Muller. Right. That's all he did for two years. Didn't come up with enough to consider charging the president's apparently and Democrats want the do over it was ridiculous duty rat. Yes, exactly. I mean, here you, are you are charged with a crime. The crime is investigated your vindicated and the prosecution doesn't like the outcome and they want to retry you for the same crime, but it's because there were some very concerning things. And in fact, Robert Muller wasn't going to be the final word on everything. He just left us a roadmap. That's what Democrats are saying. But what did we know Rafter it happened? Okay. There was no collusion obstruction. Well, you may have tried but it didn't succeed. There are people to stop him. And so then you're getting into well, it was not enough for Muller to say yet, we're going to charge him with obstruction. That's up to you bar, and he knew exactly where that was going to go. So how much do you want to say? No. But he dried. Yeah. The cartoon balloon above his head. But I think as far as, you know, Democrats that may play to the base, but you got to have more than the base when you're looking at him the twenty twenty election. We'll see where the whole

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