Migrant child who died in custody in 2018 was trying to reach her mother


Any more now about the girl who died in US custody last year, seven months after she crossed the border into Mexico from Mexico into the United States. We know her name now Darlene valley. She was ten from El Salvador, she traveled here, alone, trying to get to her mother in Nebraska, CBS news correspondent, Omar Villafranca spoke with one US border officials who says that more help is needed. I've never seen anything like this humanitarian and security crisis. We have right now. Interview with CBS news. We asked customs and border patrol deputy Commissioner Robert Perez. If any more migrant children had died in government custody. I'm very confident in the data that CB P has reported with respect to deaths in CB p custody. Ten-year-old Vyas death was the second migrant child death reported this week. Sixteen year old Carlos Hernandez died in west loco

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