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The risk of metabolic syndrome no metabolic syndrome of course this is a dysfunction where you're not burning sugars and fats while you know tricolor abdominal obesity high cholesterol high sugars there are a variety of things that occur in this round but correcting some of the fats and oils in your body and as an aside look at all the facts and all the people eat you know there are more animal based or you know trans fat from margarine which are bad for you a lot of people have a lot of bad fat coming on board and that sets the stage for dysfunction we like to have the good fats on board like olive oil fish oil we want to keep excess sugars out of the picture do exercise this combination of good oils cutting down carbohydrates exercise correcting hormone declining correcting vitamins will get rid of the metabolic syndrome we've done it and we've seen it so it's not hard to do it just takes a little bit of knowledge about your body to see what its requirements are and then meet those requirements so important to understand everything about your body and that's the first and most important step that we tell people your body is Asian over time and you're losing new cells in each of your tissues which means the cells that are making the hormones will decline in there for hormones decreased neurotransmitters decrease and that's just you know absolute for everyone some people decline a faster rates than others depending upon age some people have exposure to things that make your body worse including heavy metals or infection so the idea is that you want to take a nice big picture what your body's doing that everything that's off correct and your body will see its biggest change phone lines are open once again one eight hundred eight four eight W. 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C. at one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two let's go to ray in Florida Hey ray how are you hi I'm a first time caller first time listener and my question is what kind of doctor do I go see to get my work done so like I know would deficiencies I yeah you have to see a doctor that specializes our practices nutritional medicine so what part of Florida are you in I I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida I'm trying to think the best resource for you you know you might look at doctors to do chelation you could look on Google or doctors doing chelation in Tampa Florida and then you could look at their website and see if they do nutritional testing there's an organization and trains doctors in chelation therapy because all doctors do chelation are also looking at correcting your vitamins and minerals called a cam a period C. period a period M. period and if you look at that on Google you'll be able to get on their website and then there's a section where you could look at doctors if you put in the area that you live in I guess your zip code so that would be American academy of anti aging medicine those roles so doctors that typically you know we'll take extensive courses on the understanding of anti aging vitamins minerals hormones those are probably two organizations that are good too I have another question if you if you have time sure it I'm fifty eight usually what typically would you find in a fifty eight year old that were dictation act most everything so it's not as though fifty eight means everything's deficient right off the bat is just that a lot of people that are fifty eight their hormones are gonna be low thyroid DHEA testosterone that's common although does it have to be that everything is going to be low but vitamins will typically be low we always see vitamin D. is low we see the B. vitamins are insufficient so yeah again most people just randomly take vitamins and they think that a one a day or this or that is good but most cases it's not so the majority of people that I see younger and older have deficiencies of vitamins most people are low in vitamin D. at levels that are at a range below thirty and thirty is the low end of normal so the Rangers thirty two hundred okay all right well thank you so much appreciate it great to talk to you thank you for your call phone lines are open if you'd like to call in as guest Chris she could do so right now one eight hundred eight four eight W. 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C. one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two let's see what else we have here interesting info low carotenoids may be linked to metabolic syndrome and adolescence and this is the journal of nutrition great research this is a meta analysis for the national health and nutrition survey so it was looking at a less is twelve to nineteen years of age I think four thousand two hundred ninety five of them they looked at retinal retina Lester's care teams carotene Lou teams use intime lycopene vitamin E. vitamin C. and looking at metabolic syndrome so when they look at the research the significance was that the crowd noise and most of those vitamins were linked to increase the metabolic syndrome my question of course would be well what are the eating kids is a lot of carp you know so that's certainly part of the problem and to the extent there are some that just don't do exercise yet there are others to play every sport the canon so that would be an advantage okay phone lines are open one eight hundred eight four eight W. 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C. don't wait to the end of the program to Colin let's speak to friend now hi there in Long Island City how are you yes that's a tactic the question now you may have heard date celery use cranes movie stars celebrities in all thank you sellers I think those are the last people you should ever turn to yeah trying to do something that's rational yeah I don't know I just wondering what you're doing well what is it really doing I don't know thank god America thing to so many yeah there are no miracles I don't know what they're saying at times of course not so someone is touting something yes if you just drink celery juice all day your calorie intake is low I think it's dangerous because every just having celery juice and you're not getting the vitamins you need that's a dangerous situation because nobody will be worse as a result so died should be only done once you test your vitamins minerals absorption your hormones I think it's very risky to do that let there saying is only in the morning they say six I don't really care what they're saying because they're not scientists they're not doctors they're not learning about your body first and then putting together recommendations so if you wanna risk your health with somebody that has no knowledge whatsoever you can do that I I strongly rude the note suggested you do not if you want to lose weight if you want to make your body better you learn about your body first blood tests for vitamins minerals hormones country cards down accordingly correct your vitamins correct your hormones and in your body will do extremely well long term if you want to do a short or long term with celery juice you could do that I think it's a very bad idea I thank you again say that well yeah yes No signs and yeah you know you could make up something you could be the you know grass cut the loan and you know he crashed and see what that does for you is the same non scientific recommendations silo would do that at all thank you for your call phone lines are open one eight hundred eight four eight W. 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C. let's go to Jay in New Jersey how are you quality okay doctor pretty good question for you got a choice between taking out a large silver amalgam indoor mercury tide billing I haven't worked but the thing is they take they were thinking of just putting a crown over the top of it because it's a big one that I'm going to probably have to need a root canal but check it out likely so my question is what's worse really you think leaving some of that mercury killing in the mouth then and there yeah hello I'm leaving is worse because the evidence shows that the mercury in the amalgamation fifty percent can leach into your system blood vessels in your teeth a lot of people because the authorities so close to your mouth lend up with autoimmune thyroid disease from the mercury fillings that's documented in traditional medical literature okay thinking what we do for most people is to get a better handle on how much more grease in your system if you just do a blood test there may be no mercury or metals near the needle in the blood strong so you don't necessarily have to see that show up in the tube so the blood test is really a screening but may or may not show us much it only looks at what's coming to your body over the past three to four weeks you do a random urine for heavy metals that look to twenty one battles where the blood leads only look at five medals so even a random your tells us what's coming out of your cells like a kidney or bladder cells and that'll give us an idea as to what's coming out but that's not a total measurement of everything in every cell the third step which is the most accurate is to do an intravenous chelation procedure with calcium EDTA tennis will bind to metals you know lead and suction pulled out of your body into the urine can you collect a twenty four hour urine so that it shows us really what you're holding on to what one question I had though if I decided to take the filling out what I was wondering is if you didn't get the what he called the root canal than this material it goes in the root canal it till it up with like a rubber and what about that though how would we know about this having the feeling removed you need to do the killing should procedure first to see what sort of metal levels are there because if you remove the filling then that increases the mercury you know getting into your room and mercury vapor getting into tissues in your brain we've had people that have done the filling removal and have ended up with tremors or some brain abnormalities in changes right afterwards so we'd rather too late that person to pull the metals down and then remove the filling of the day after the removal doing chelation to grab whatever you can it just makes more sense to do it in a step wise fashion rather than to just pull the metal mercury out and see what happens okay is there any danger yeah get the huge success we take that out but if you need a root canal there danger canal the material is I don't know that there's a danger in reply now that really varies person to person it's yes it's nice to have that feeling out because you don't want to sit there to keep exposing your body to the amount of in the mercury okay okay thank you so much have a wonderful day phone lines are open if you like to call and do so now one eight hundred eight four eight W. 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