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It's the way companies do business now any business, the most profound IMP we'll have the most profound impact of any impact on the sporting goods business. Adidas CEO casper. Roar stead eighty percent of the people. We we hide the last few years came with this background. We don't do any TV advertising all the consumers through digital media. Rustad says digital has brought with it big changes even to growth markets, like China, the most sophisticated this among today's is China fifty percent or more in China's done by mobile app at one time sports fashion moved from one US coast to the other than abroad. Roadsteads says now trends, go intercontinental immediately. We can launch a product in New York without being picked up in the World Economic Forum reports ten years ago. China accounted for less than one percent of the global ecommerce market today. It's shares forty-two percent in comparison. The US share of the market is twenty four percent down from thirty five percent and twenty five. I'm Greg Jarrett. Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It's two nine with two women now accusing him of sexual misconduct impeachment proceedings against Virginia Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax could begin as soon as tomorrow unless he resigns I, but he's giving no indication he plans on heating calls to do that. At least one Virginia lawmaker is calling for proceedings to begin. But there's little sign of a broader appetite to do that. ABC's Zachary quiche reports the accusers, Dr Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson are ready to talk for Tyson. N Watson releasing statements saying their clients are ready and prepared to testified impeachment hearings should the articles past. Fairfax. A once rising star Virginia Democratic Party denies both allegations and is calling for an FBI investigation. His boss governor Ralph Northam has also been facing calls to resign because of a photo on his med school yearbook page showing person in black face and another in a KKK outfit. The Virginia attorney general has also admitted to wearing black face. Well, a bit later this hour. Minnesota democratic Senator Amy klobuchar is expected to officially jump into the twenty twenty race for president. She'll be the most prominent candidate from the mid west as the party tries to win back voters in the region that helped fuel Donald Trump's victory in two thousand sixteen shower is already scheduled to speak later this month in Iowa site of the nation's first caucuses, she faces stiff challenges democratic field that includes better known candidates such as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who has the ability to raise huge amounts of money. Police are appealing for help as they try to track down the driver of a pickup truck that struck and killed a beloved teacher in Somerville. WBZ's Bill Marcus spoke with people who live in the area. Neighbors who live near the crosswalk where Watertown schoolteacher and administrator. Alex. Donovan died Friday night say they've been asking the city of Somerville to narrow the roads or at speed bumps. This woman wondered aloud how the driver of what is believed to be a Ford f one fifty with damage to the driver's side could continue to morally live with him or herself keep going. I can't. Anybody doing that? Even if all of a sudden, you realize oh my God. Do you know what I'm saying? In a statement Saturday, the superintendent of the Watertown school system said Donovan will be greatly missed Bill, Marcus WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio it's to twelve. And now it's time for WBZ sports. Everyone holding their collective breaths right now is career having left last night's game with the clippers what's being called a sprained right knee. Our further testing is expected for today. That's for the game. The Celtics watch the twenty eight point lead disappear against LA. And if the loss wasn't bad enough, Marcus Morris was sounding off alarm bells afterwards. Really about the.

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