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Boro barra and welcome back to dot net rocks as carl frank and is richer campbell still at connect in new york city in lorry lam commits here going to be talk and some devops than going be can be a good show i can feel i'm excited yeah but before we talk to lori we have this little matter of better no framework roll the crazy music and yet boots no during speedway guts brian the k one of my happy next guys found this and said hey be seen this in this is how i find a lot of my things i go into the slack poured every once in a while and see what these guys are juicing on this is screwed her screwed her s c you t o r and it's assembly scanning a declaration extensions for microsoft at extensions dot dependency injection interesting yes so basically instead of manually adding all your dependencies which is kind of a loser thing to do um just saying this will go out and scan for them and put them in so there it adds to extension methods the ice service collection scan the entry point to set up your assembly scanning and then decorate which is used to decorate already registered services nice is just a little hey i'm here thing and then you do it automatically rather than having to type them out tournament all out at all in yep and it's out there so on get up no it learned love it now good find actually f i was.

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