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I got the bug. Really, of course, yeah. Australia, we didn't get the ship as long flight D'amoto stuff. We cover album felt like as actually. So we had time to do stuff, England felt like into eat, been data. No, no. Really Florence, Rome, beautiful grateful, those food, everything. I mean, truly. I love it. I love it. I love Florida. Yeah, different. It's like, I'm going February, February. we're on February. I mean, look at it. Look at that. That's Florence. Enjoy that. Look at that come on. I know it looks great. There's no desire like got again a plane and get the, but there that places magical, it just walking around and eating at the restaurant. I mean, it's just impossible. It's impossible. I want to rent a apartment there right now. Talion. What else you got you? Wanna wear scarves. You do that. He's doing jackets and scarves, and I wanted to get cold in Italy with weather Like. like. Temper, but it gets a little cold, but no, nothing. Thank LA I think. Right. Have you been to Vienna? I've never been to that is a place that was untouched by the war. So Vienna is still jewel. Yeah, I kind of rushing Europe. Remember with Russia's pretty cool Russia in some. I've been in Saint Petersburg, but but but Vienna is is not was not decimated by World War Two. And remember most of Europe was leveled in World War Two. I mean level by bombs Dresden looked like the surface of the Memphis show real problem. No, but it was, but it's true Greece. Same where everything was we have you seen before sunrise with Ethan Hawke. Julie Delpy. You'll want to go to VN after watching that. Yeah. It's a good movie too. It's all dialogue, which I'm sure you'll love. All right. What do you got? All right, I, what is this? I know you heard this ready a plane being evacuated because a woman had a, you know, one of those pets that help you out with anxiety and everything else. Was it call again? I mean. Most emotional support on. Girl. Why would people afraid of it? It's considered a rodeo because they're a rodent. So was the road of flip out? It was in its own little carrying flipping out. She's kinda messed up too because the says she can't bring it on board. She has to leave and that she refused to leave. So everyone else had plane, but so she brought on board in the lady like the flight when I was like, well, ma'am, squirrel on the planet, and it passed TSA checkpoint because I guess they're not the ones that have to stop you, but also TSA the words, the cat very cool carry on. It's up to the Mike questions. Why? Dog and not a squirrel. SCR squirrels get well, you know, he just said, meaning horses. I've heard many horses God, but Larry's. I don't know. Dude, I would be I rate if some bitch brought her stupid screw on the plane. So fucking, yes, this is her getting hit online. She..

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