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Sudden, the Friday roly family shuttered Il Molo in March and still can't open it now because the bar makes up about 20% of the restaurant's capacity. They're not alone. How are estimates are that are 3600 of the 16,000 restaurants that existed in Massachusetts about my first have not reopened since the pandemic has started, and the sub BBC TV's Luisa Mueller with that report, today's primary day and not just one, but two New England States voters out there today in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. We'll start south of Massachusetts in Rhode Island in the ocean state today. Democratic Rep. Jim Langevin has a primary opponent also got races today from mayor in Warwick, Central Falls, Cranston and Tuck it Now over to New Hampshire, where Governor Kristin knew has a few Republican challengers, including a man who's changed his name to nobody. The word nobody also Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen and hoping to get a third term here, at least secure a spot to win that she's got two challengers today. Four Republicans also gunning for a chance at the Senate. As for Congress. Rep. Chris Pappas, Democrats still unopposed, but five Republicans now fighting for their slot on the November ballot to challenge him over to Washington. Now Postmaster General Lewis to joy facing more scrutiny Today House Oversight Committee announcing it will now investigate to joy claiming he violated campaign finance laws. Washington Post reporting several of his former employees in North Carolina Reportedly felt pressure to make political donations with the expectation to joy would reimburse them. If proven true, Such an arrangement would be illegal. President Trump was asked about this at the White House. Something could be proven that he did something wrong. Always.

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