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The a tier is married to pampa All right thanks Dan And always thanks to WTO be listeners keeping us abreast of everything It was Linda traveling on the beltway in Silver Spring and she found our crash They were looking on the outer loop near university boulevard ex at 29 find the crash staying to the left to get by emergency equipment is on the scene with this as she passed the New Hampshire avenues to where you're going to hit the brakes passing the northwest branch stay two to the left to get by the firetruck straddling the road Now better news this is the only thing currently happening on the beltway In fact our morning travel for a holiday weekend knock on wood I'm not even gonna say it but nothing on two 70 95 belt weight about why doing well on tour from the eastern shore 50 you're slow eastbound now from about the sandy point exit going east across the bay only two lanes are traveling across the bay We currently have no incidents reported but by the time you touch on to the eastern shore you're good to go all the way through why mills again without incident there Checking on D.C. two 95 it was the southbound ramp to come inbound on the 11th street bridge units were still marked on scene in southeast Pennsylvania avenue Minnesota avenue was the scene of a wreck Now across the Potomac it was the George Washington Parkway we believe they've cleared our crash at least out of the traveling southbound George Washington Parkway passing the key bridge do so with caution delays have dissipated just watch for any flashing lights around that curve Outbound on the memorial bridge the crash was about mid span again watch for flashing lights but interstate travel in Virginia three 95 95 from the 14th street bridge and riding all the way through spotsylvania county no incidents and easy pass express points south bam This traffic report is being brought to you by drive wise and if you are looking to save money with drive rise from all states it's a safer the safe for you drive the more you can save at all state better protection.

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