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Win. Win you lose three out of four and the fan base is calling for your head or you know what philadelphia seventy sixers are going through this morning. That's when they can get good You know it's too late because the season's over there but that that's the kind of stuff that i've always took take great pride in all right okay with three games behind in the league race. Now we're gonna find out what we're made of and and guys have always kinda taken private. And i don't i think it'll be the same with us But but i i the cool thing. Is you know when you recruit and you know this well. He's old school he he doesn't he doesn't by a by on the and led his kids have the same freedom that maybe somebody else does. And most of that stuff is crap to be honest with you. But it's also something you know coaches are going to think about this stuff and and i don't know that i can coach way that i allow guys to be To be different than than dan. What i know is best for them or to win so But i am conversation every single guy. I've talked to that we've had literally. That's that's the same thing you got. Maybe i'm talking to you guys have been lifers and you know got into. That's you know. Impact live sometimes. You got to try to help them get somewhere to get not just on the corporate i parent. That's as as husband is a every aspect of her life. I mean you can't just walk every time things go south i know. Let's let's fight through a you know. Let's don't walk around the the wall. let's let us go through it and and it's but but the thing about is i do believe this I think a lot of it probably depends a little bit on the on the coach in job situation. If you look at high schools you know it's a little bit different being established coach at a at a place where you've got credibility and then that established coach somebody some other school in three of your starters are on the the the the the school board. I mean it's a little bit different on on how you would approach things and it's the same way with us. You could have a new president new. Ad this is the focus of of that administration or it can be you know. Be with somebody they maybe. You've got some some tender and and some goodwill built up saying coach. We believe you to coach them up. How do you think is best. Because there's a lot of people that think they know best even though they never been in the arena so I don't know. I personally don't think it's gonna affect us much. I at least. I hope it doesn't But if it does. I hope it's where the better last night right like just two quick things three. You get three guys from the portal of gain your fans that listen to low from male of those got well we got The biggest names remy martin. He averaged nineteen a game in the in the pac twelve couple years and been first team all league in in in remy's certain with the draft and you know as far as invites the combines and things like that in it and gone as well as probably what he what he had hoped so. I think that we're we're in a spot the hopefully He can help us but hopefully also We can help you. I mean bobby. Them did a great job with him at at at arizona state. So there's there's nothing. Negative there Whatsoever and of course nothing negative from ramey but you know we recruit him out of high school and he's played here and he's beaten twice a when he was young freshman sophomore year when he would basically made all the place down the stretch to to get them a w i mean it was something that interested us is also at interested him and maybe maybe we'll be a good fit for him because I do think there's some things that he can probably do better as a player but also love his talents. So i'm excited about. He only we. We got a kid. i spoke to them today. And we're talking about him Has he completed master program in exactly. What second masters program. He's going to complete wise here. And that's the kid james colman lane. I mean jalen. Coleman lands out iowa state. He's twenty four years old. And i mean an and he's he said to me during the come saying you hadn't talked a lot of dues like me. Here's what recently. No i mean. They eighteen year olds. I talked to a little different than your perspective. I mean he's like going coach. If i can get a in this one class or get my overall in this area. And i may not have to take another entrepreneurship class and i mean it's a little different conversation than than but i'm excited about him and the biggest reason is he can shoot. I mean he's a forty percent surge He's a percent six year college player so he's transferred and set out and he got a redshirt. A hardship has so and then you get the year back. So i'm excited about him. And then the one that nobody knows about is the is a six foot nine eight adam missouri southern that first team all american Three years names cam martin. He was actually trae. Young's high school teammate. And norman high for a year and the duke could just get the ball the best he can shoot you know he. He made eleven threes and one game last year nine in another. He's had leaky four. Forty six Now granted he was playing against division two competition but to make nine eleven. You still got to get the ball in the basket. So it'll give us something totally different And he and david together. I think that that could be pretty. Formidable so yeah we think we've done okay but you know time will tell you know you know as well as i do they all look good until you get them and then when you start putting the pieces together do they exactly mesh the way you want them to. You know i. I actually liked these guys quite a bit to give to name sir quickly Larry keating growing up his son's a good friend growing up he was a guy can't honestly a lot of us looked up to a lotta just because he avoided did with coach flamy and standing up for what is right with you guys for a long time is associate athletic director for basketball but just any thoughts on have i loved gorge skating. I think larry was an acquired taste. I think when you first met him you saw this big guy that you thought was growth and tough and and and very direct which he always was a. I'm not sure. I met a nicer man in our business. Love kids always want to give them a opportunity. Second chances was definitely coaches ally And i've talked. I've talked to george laney. And and what he did that. They probably cost him his own job as seton hall's athletic director when they told him they needed to make a change and he said i'm not making this change. It's not the right thing to do. And so they may two changes The coach He i mean to me about as good as it gets and the way that he handled our scheduling. Seth put a put an element to me in there. You know how certain guys can add value to a program and maybe not appear that they have a huge role. This dude add value. I mean what what he did for us and and scheduling You know we were. We've been a one. C nine last fifteen years or whatever and because larry keedy mike these teams were always didn't always play to that level but he just knew exactly type teams that he wanted to put the force to play. He knew he played a cbs game on the road. You got money if you play. Espn games on the road. You didn't i mean he. He had hall. I mean at least going over the head at all figured out to best maximize the bang for the buck and and everything..

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