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H. Q.. where Washington comes to talk. one nine more real leave the Bahamas are now suffering through catastrophic devastation after being hit by hurricane Dorian. there is just nothing left on this kind of community here we're talking about damage ninety two almost a hundred percent of everything that is here with the stories that you hear about survival people falling into closets calling into the bathroom as their entire homes listed rooms. they could hear their appliances being flown around their backyard and moments ago president trump speaking about the hurricane we have been sending through the United States Coast Guard who have been incredible there. on the Bahamas right now and they're helping with the Bahamas the bombers was a big section of the bombers was. like a few people have seen before. helping any humanitarian way we've been asked to help by the government of the Bahamas and we have numbers helicopters and other crews there as well I knew this our prince George's county police officer accused of a sex offense prince George's county state's attorney I used a brave boy announcing a grand jury has indicted police lieutenant Richard talent of second degree sex offense the officers accused of assaulting a woman while he was off duty back in February of twenty seventeen the indictment comes after investigation by prince George's county police department's internal affairs division no word yet on the status of the officer Barbara brick WMAL and WMAL dot com three people including two kids shot in northeast DC this morning.

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