China's Leader To Meet Kim Jong Un In North Korea


Till China's president Xi Jinping will embark on a state visit to North Korea at the invitation of Kim Jong UN the visit to take place, this Thursday and Friday correspondent Steven Jong has more. This is actually a long anticipated trip. Mr. she because remember, Mr Kim has. Visited China four times since becoming the supreme leader of North Korea. He had always invited Mr. Xi to return, visit Mr. she had always agreed to do so earlier on Monday when Chinese officials gave domestic media, a briefing on this trip, they were trying to frame this as an important milestone between Beijing, Pyongyang say, this is happening at a time when both sides are celebrating seventy years of formal relations, and it would enable both sides to strengthen strategic communication and defy traditional friendship. Now, they also mentioned North Korea's nuclear issue will be on the agenda between the two leaders discussions without giving much detail. Now the one country Chinese officials did nomination was the United States, Mr Kim, Mr. sheep, probably similar grievances against Donald Trump US president remember, Mr. Trump famously walked out on mister kin backing February. Doing there, some eight Hanoi because Mr. Trump didn't thing North Koreans were giving. Enough concessions to make a deal worthwhile. And from Mr. she's perspective. Mr. Trump's unreasonable demands had also caused a breakdown between the two countries ongoing trade negotiations. So they probably have both thinking they are dealing with the consequences of fickle US, president relations with the two communist allies continue to deteriorate, Stephen Jones,

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