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That you're the first shouldn't have been in that race. Legally avoided this. I wonder if it wasn't really a decision that had been made from that what you want. I get that impression as well. I get that impression too. And just the way it was done tactically as well. It's come back to haunt them. Interesting side note on Danny Mullins. €5 million prize money in Ireland in the last 5 seasons. 1.2 million of it this season. Yeah, he's flying us. Yes, he's flying it like. Unbelievable stuff. And then farm. And the Danny Mullins bandwagon and big Willy style. That Will Smith songs in my head. Would continue in the lab works Dublin Chase's gentleman to me decides to wake himself up and come back to his entry, grade one winning forum from last season as blue lord dear. 20 to one for the champion chase and he decides to go and throw in a howler. So the champion chase market again gets a little bit shaken up. What was the reaction from beta after gentleman Demi's grade one victory in the Dublin chase? Gentlemen to me, you can steal back as 9 to one but also that's the best out there and knowing to warn yet it's an Eric on the steal your favor but it was 13 to 8, 13 to 8 Edward stone and editor G is 5 to one you can back a little at 9. Yeah, gentlemen, to me, in and out season, I suppose up to this. Too poor efforts either so that what would you call it a half decent enough effort into tingle creek? Blue large, no idea. Absolutely no idea. I don't know. He just didn't look quick, didn't look slick. He just looked a bit flat to me. He has seen money in the Ryanair market, believe it or not. But again, this is an overreaction in the last three days. What he ran for me, he just looked flat. Gentlemen, they made like, what do you make of him? As I say, he too bad ones this season either side of it. As you can only call it a half decent effort to think about maybe talking to 40 and then some dashboard M yeah, blue lord, we were all talking about them going to be 6 to four favorite the small and after blitzing the others this weekend and it will be ahead of an arago mon and Edward stone and all of a sudden there's money for them for the rhino. So that's a crazy game this, isn't it? It really is bonkers. I still think he'll run in the champion chase and I, for all that I was delighted for Daniel, it was really sorry for Mark Watson, what had happened to him. And he ends up missing out on this, then. But I find it difficult to believe this form blue lord beat gentleman to me by 41 lengths at Christmas time and now that's completely reversed. So briefly, Lizzie is coming to the end. What do you make of gentleman Demi's chances in the champion chase? And what would you do with blue lord? Ryanair champion chase? So for me, I think the easiest way to describe gentleman to me is the performance is a bit the same as editor G, the other day. At chart, and when he beat both Edward Snowden and I mean, yes, there was a little element of the two of town and Tom Collins, slightly riding to beat each other, and they underestimated the regime. So they left him have a bit too much rope, but what both null hula harm on that particular occasion and Danny Mullins have done as they've gone out this might be a bit presumptuous, but they've gone out thinking, I'm not really going to win this on paper. But I'm going to go out there and jump from fence to fence travel nicely. I got no pressure whatsoever. I can basically do what I want. Everyone else doesn't think I've got to win. So they're going to give me a little bit of an easy time to think because they're happy to get a lead. And kick at the right time and hopefully I'll have got it right, which is exactly what then happened, obviously Danny Mullins came in for the ride because poor Mark Walsh was back to hospital again. And I commented actually to my husband who I was watching the race in which, you know, isn't it funny as soon as as soon as there's a jockey change ought to back the horse because there's just this weird and horribly sort of sad way in which the replacement jockey often gets a really good spin off the horse. And Danny did filled with confidence because he was in the

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