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Today. Our guest is adam humphreys atom who runs making eight has been in the search marketing industry for twenty years and he enjoys technical search engine optimization and e commerce the most it often find him speaking at digital marketing conferences or events or in several the social groups and the digital marketing industry that we tend to loiter in. He loves share experiences in help others. He's currently focused on the medical industry which is discovered is a perfect fit culture. Wise for technical. Seo who loves attention to detail. As i mentioned he runs his own agency. Called making eight based in calgary alberto canada and today's topic is going to be technical co so adam. Thanks for joining us so so before we dive into. I know what's on everyone's mind right now. Is this new core web vitals page experience. Update which i know you. And i have talked about with it I think it's important. This is people started thinking about technical search engine optimization that they have to know one. Of course it's not the end. All your content is not great nomad. No amount of technical. Seo is going to help that content to perform well long-term may help you get to the top quickly. But as google figures out that age wasn't very helpful eventually will go away same thing off page signals if you're not paying attention to you know earning Links and mentions and becoming a prominent Name in in the area of the key word that you're wanting to become semantic for There's just no of longevity in it so the technical pieces is super important to making sure. Google can crawl and index and and rank your website But it's it's part of a bigger picture of contents and off page one of the things i think Is a is a place to start when you're thinking about technical blasio and tell me if i'm wrong as the areas of security privacy. Accessibility page speed and mobile friendliness. I think those are areas that are are the the high level. Are we looking at an improving those areas of technical seo. Which i think. I think the core bottles is up is a part of that. Right with page speed and on mobile friendliness. I think that plays a basil right. This is and frankly you're not gonna get page speedy insight score without having enough visitors because visitors are the premise of getting that score. You won't get it through score without enough visitors coming to your site. How do you get that. You have to have great. You have to have good lengths..

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