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The talk about there's shitting though yeah gets a real shitty which is why I don't like it. I don't give a shit about this piece of shit yet. The reason he started getting bullying they say later on he has contact issues which yeah I I get that but also a lot of the bullying we see in him. Being bullied. MONTAGES are him being bullied for being such an asshole to this person. He drove out of school. A lot of the graffiti and stuff are like Jerky fucking asshole so that is some of the bullying stuff he gets to you and we'll feed into more stuff. I don't like later on but I just wanted to establish that well. It's still relevant great. Okay Sorry I have feelings about this movie clue so he's going back to school. he explains that that him taking that notebook to. Shoko was supposed to be like a last act of courage. He reveals that like once they graduated waited from elementary school and moved on to middle school his friends kind of dumped him and told everybody not to talk to him because he's crazy and we have this visual of him. His in his is just like XS being over. Everyone's faces 'cause he just doesn't WANNA look. He just ignores them all. He doesn't WanNa look at them. You can't look at them. He doesn't want to deal with it and he also while sitting in class has this moment of like making things up that people are saying about him saying that he's crazy. Roese and asking what he's alive and stuff and he's eating lunch alone and he's like wondering when he can see Shoko again 'cause he really wants to he goes home and his mom apologizes for accidentally burning the money and then. She says that she wouldn't have wanted to use that money anyway because he raised it specifically to kill himself self which would have made her feel gross the next day he's parking bike at school and he's walking toward the school when he sees this kid with really fluffy hair very steven universe. Ask I was a little little fro and it has a green tint to it so it's slight Steven Universe decorative so someone comes up to him and it's like let me use your bike. I forgot something at home and he's like Nah. This is my bike you cannot use it and they kind of start fighting each other and he's calling for help and then issued goes over and he says do you want to use my bike and the guy's like yeah so he steals his bike national and he has to walk home and he's thinking. I have to find like a natural away to see. Shoko again. I can't just go see her. It will be weird so he finds God divine intervention God I was GonNa say God intervention. That's not sees Jesus POPs hello. There's a coupon for some bread and he's like Oh. She likes is to feed the fish bread. Bring her some bread so he gets to school. He gets to her school will and there's a kid standing at the door and very is Scott here. He just left because he's like see. Shoko and the the kid is just like she's not here and he's like I can see her. She's over there and they're just like she and they closed the door. She's not here and he's walking home and fluffy hair boy. Is there with his bike. He's like I found your bug. I looked all over for I found it abandoned in a rice field here. You go friend. My name is Nagasuka Suka. I think nice to meet and his ex falls off of his face 'cause now he's a friend because he did this league for you. Shida and and now he's comfortable with him. She's a friend. Also I look at my notes and yes that is correct. Knock Asuka Great. They go to the movies together. They're just like having a chill time. They get food and she does like what does it mean to be friends. Like what are the qualifications applications of having a friends and Nagasuka a very funny guy he liked grabs a French fries ketchup so it looks like a cigarette and he's just like my dude. There are no qualifications for being friends friendship transcends words and logic my man and he starts to see so so which I also love this. This is the biggest I've ever seen and I love him. Yeah he's great finally character. I lack back you don't even like Shoko easily with okay so issue to try to go see. Shoko again but the same will kid is blocking the way and he's like this kid that we at this point assume as a boy says I'm going out with Shoko Andy. She does just accepts this. He's just like all right that makes makes sense sure and then the kid says if you're here like to be selfish and get some kind of self satisfaction out of this you should leave yeah yes and and my is the movie ended right there and then soukous there and he grabs the kid and he's like hey fucker. My buddy wants to see this girl. Let let's see the girl so they're causing a scene and then all of the people that are in the classroom like come over to watch and she'd makes eye contact with. Shoko and he's like you and he eats himself out of there and Shoko follows him and they're having signed conversation down by the river where she she feeds the fish and the kid that is supposedly going out with. Shoko has a camera so he's like zoomed in on their hands and hand is translating the conversation for Nagasuka and a Ishida says like I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to come see you but I wanna be your friend as she says I want to be your friend and then he gives her the bread and they feed the fish together and she pulls out the notebook he gave her and like opens it to read it and he's like no never mind I don't want you to read it and they like struggle over it and it falls in the water and then she jumps Simpson the water to get it and then he jumps into and they get out he apologizes for that and gives it back to her and then they part ways for the day so yet all all pick up from here trinity half the next day at school it turns out the kid that was so protective was taking pictures and posted all over. Social Media show Ya jumping into the river and he gets suspended for like improper behavior or whatever he's not supposed to jump in that river or something irrelevant. Yeah Basic Leo's like against student conduct which is being an idiot all wet and stuff so he's suspended his mom tells them to go pick up his sister at school and when he does he's here's someone in the park like play tunnel thing and he goes and it's it's the kid it's the kid those taking pictures we learn another name is Zorro and they there's still mad about stuff stuff and show. Ya is our sorry. I should say zero is still mad at show. Ya but show you doesn't really care that the picture got him suspended so rather than men sleeping in the slide decide show you decides to take take them home for a nice dinner so that night Yuzu is staying over and goes out in the rain show you a follows gives them shoes so they are out in the rain and it turns out that zero had a fight with Shoko and that's why they were gone and questions show you as motivations for trying to reconnect the Shoko and show you like hey. I know I'm a bad person. I know I don't deserve anything but I'm trying here. Try and then suddenly we learned that use zero is actually Shoko sister and not her boyfriend at all which number one I before they established when we first get them in the classroom. They just say Shoko is it's my girlfriend and I was like yes. She is gay perfect great. No because they had an established us are as the boyfriend yet they just said. SHOKA SHOKA was my girlfriend. Es finally that's what I thought that's what I do but also earlier Maria the younger child Donald House was like oh by mom casey their mom her mom go off to work and I was like Oh but show us mom's still here. I was like Oh to mops ops yeah and find Maria. Maria actually show you the niece assist so it's like okay yeah. Fuck me up that relation that whole family dynamic. I was so confused because we don't see the movie so it just Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. We got the big reveal that these are the sister they get to the house and Shoko Zeros mom comes out wow and recognizes show ya as the boy who was the worst and of course slaps him in the face fair yeah so they go well he leaves and then in the mom go inside and the MOMS like hey they don't hang out with that piece of Shit and use our or zero fuck is I misheard it as us us. Abu My doing back and forth so I'm just trying to translate my handwriting and real-time line if everyone nicknames yet all gay sister is like well. I can decide who I want to hang out with so I don't care. I'm not gonNA tell Shoko to not hang out with anyone. so the next day show you introduces knock Asuka to Shoko and zoo and tries to get shockers phone number but says it's so vaguely that Shoko is like oh I actually want the the phone number of one of our elementary school friends who was not the meanest person in elementary school but someone who's still all the bully. I don't think so they learn that she goes to a different school horace phone number. I'll think Sahara ever believed her with with the time jump I lost track of who was who elementary school so. I guess yeah sorry Yeah Asahara Person. She's the one that I wanted to learn sign language right yeah yeah I narrow after being told so so yeah they go to visit her. She is going to school in existence city so Shoko and show Ya go and travel and they find her and learned that she learn sign language and is super friendly the and immediately jumps back into being friends and apologizes for what happened and all the bullshit the happened in elementary school aw so while they're catching up show you feels super guilty and all that and walks away and passes NOCA- Ohka who was the extra M- mean girl in elementary school. I'm going to cry and her name. Aim is but they call her now Turkey right now. Her name is bitch. I just fucking. She doesn't deserve I ate her. She doesn't deserve name. No early. Pay attention to anyone's name in the elementary school. I'm just learning all of their like adult what adult Gotcha but now but now yeah however Shoko wants to earn I forget who wants them to reconnect but show your shoka wants now to be at least reconnected somewhat they visit her at the cat cafe that she works at she sees them and hides so they end up not connecting and show Ya..

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