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Next tweet comes from Alan Lewis Lynton the seconds at Alum Lynton to can we get more buster and I wanNA play this first after the question. Can we get more buster as an alternative evil commissioner on the pot who that's what we talked about. Yesterday I came up yesterday when we were talking about the Eddie of Rob Manfred sitting in his office coming up with the juice baseball conspiracy and Buksh Ambi- said he wants to use that cut you know I thought about that Alan. That's a great idea. It might be fun to come up with a whole segment with Evil Commissioner right with the the rob Manfred <hes> alter-ego. What do you think I can get behind that because I would love to hear more this all right all right next week comes from Reggie deal at baseball nerd zero? Oh seven buster is tanking over Seattle is trying to but can't sing. It's ship to the bottom. The orioles royals naturally aged out only Detroit Miami and Toronto intentionally didn't try to stay good. The seventh with worst team Brody's mets no. I don't think tanking is over. I think there are a lot of teams that still look at the strategy and the under the current roles as we've talked about it makes sense and it's just so happens that I don't think all of them are intentionally tanking but in the American league it makes a lot more sense because you got all the superpowers at the top of the American league standings tweets today guys really good tweets coming over the last few days. Keep them coming remember to use the Hashtag bleacher liter tweets and before we say goodbye just want to remind the baseball tonight listeners about the last chance to bid on this unforgettable experience to meet one of the game's greatest ambassadors New York Yankees legend both on and off the field with a career spanning nearly two decades C._C.. Z. Sabathia her who you heard from before is baseball royalty as of July two thousand eighteen about the elites all active major league players in career innings pitched and career strikeouts is your chance for private and meet and greet with one of the sport's most well known names aims at his new home at E._S._p._N.. This experience give you and a guest chance to take part in a private meet and greet with C._C._C.. Bath the E._S._p._N.. South Street Seaport Studios Autograph and Photo Opportunity with the Yankees legend behind the scenes tour of E._S._p._N.'s New York City Studios. All you have to do is visit ebay dot com slash E._S._p._N.. To bid on the C._C.'s about the meet and greet but hurry because time is running out bidding and six o'clock eastern tonight one hundred percent of the proceeds benefit the V. Foundation for cancer research because in the fight against cancer like Jimmy V. said will never give up again. I'll say this if you get an experienced with CICI's about the he'll be all in and making it worthwhile for you because he's one..

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