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Her fault. It's not her fault this happen then. I would hope that. That's the same advice. Tori guests knows that it's not her fault. This is a common thing that happens and moulton. Ninety percent of the time is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening so deep and long know. I want to address some of the rumors that i read quite often. I keep up today part of the conversation. One of the hit this one here. You mentioned it a little bit. We were talking about with the offices here. Matt roloff plans to retire. Twenty twenty two. you know. I don't know where these people come up with this. Somebody sits around and dreams up now now that particular one you know i was laugh at and wait a minute did i say your i do talk about only in the context that i want to reduce the amount of work. I'm trying to recruit one of the kids start. Mowing the lawn guys. I want to start timing but not no serious Real talk about retirement shortly in a time line. I think that article that came up on my news flash. I would hope you give this case here. Yeah we'll talk to her. Let me hit this. One matt meryl would rather jeremy take over the law arm rather than zach. Not doesn't i have no preference on taking on from what i would love to see. Most i'm gonna put this on record with you. I'd love to see the kids. Come together and come up with a mixed Involvement in taking the somehow credit corporation share. You know maybe one would live in the house where the other one would help with this and they would share in the benefits of the ownership of the farm. I mean jacob jacob now or have an interest in dirt. And i want to be involved with. He wants to take make a big compost pile. You know and have a little corner of the farmer do his complex in a. I want that to happen. So I want my kids to have some sort of Seat at the table. If you will on the future of the farm into wetter we can work out. But no that article is completely faltered notes things. I want one kid to be favored over other kid in terms of ownership of the farm. I mean it's true that germany has always been the defacto people have just assume at But all the kids wanna have some sort of figure in the pies so to speak they all maybe not active interest but maybe a silent interest And so we're we're we're having those discussions on their complicated until for right. Now we're getting through cohen and settling out. What's going to be the future of the pumpkin. Pumpkin patch I've owned a whole farm now and we're gonna sit down. It's written on my estate planning on program as shared endeavor and but if one of the kids decides he wants to have a bigger piece of the responsibility that mo- more do more mowing spend more time on the road to taylor then we're will continue to be open to the contract but that's when they come out with these articles like that out my mind i mean sometimes i laugh and sometimes i cry that what people you know some of the bite my tongue off because you know we've been praying being in this business for as long as we have we've been trained to ignore media and when things come to our attention that aren't true are hurtful you know we've been trying all my kids were so perfect skin the grew up with you know have sex and don't worry about it just ignore it can go about your business and you don't give credibility but stop times these people assuming they're adults and they act like will kid where they put out bad information the one of the most grievous to me recently with something about matt roll up the you know relied on pilar while i have that down your man i wanted to address i know you had to reduce the amount of people like everybody else with covid Some people get laid off some people had to shut. Their business is down. You kept the farm rolling through kovic so i. I was surprised to read that. It said that you took out something a two hundred thousand dollar ep loan. I was surprised. At what actually happened here. I know pinky nine zero and one art one news outlet wrote that and then other ones picked up from them matt role of rely on ppp. It's not true that didn't happen. And matt roloff did another another farm in weren't corolla far so there's some confusion there okay. But you know what it's irresponsible of these news outlets Number one the ones that originally sorts out information shame on them for being riding something not if they're sophisticated enough to look up that the roll update a roller farm. Got a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Pp then they should be sophisticated to look that. That's not this role our family you know there's other roll up roll role because we sort of made the roloff name genetical a thing on tv that every other officers. We didn't even know this form. We never met any of them. Were not no harm to them. They need people. I mean that's what they're for and help my circumstances here at being owner of this role on farm. That's you're the one that you know. I'm sitting on your sitting on. We didn't have to do that. And we you know we were nervous. We we looked at option but we were able to. I've got up earlier and working harder. we're blessed to be able to continue to. The show could still do a pumpkin patch last year. We had to reduce it but we cut our expensive not our employees. We kept our employees on And We didn't hire me. Seemed people temporary as we typically do in october. We kinda reduced them. That doubt profitable. We kept our full-time. We actually added people You know just try to keep them off unemployment. Same so we will. we take. We were doing a lot of good things to hear the pumpkin. Patch roloff farms roloff. Roll fun to keep on keeping going k. Contribute to the economy and try to you know. Pay our cats and and not you know my dad. Another huge implants. When my when i was a kid you know my dad used to say you're not gonna live off other people me no money. I mean some people have to do that. I don't begrudge anybody on the needs a sit up governments. Therefore but i do regret people. That don't need it that Know that take advantage of that. Because you know i think a lot of taxes. Then you know it's fine but you gotta do is part of your civic duty and and responsible billion. My father taught me that taught me you know he just fight my disability and i could be on disability in common so i took my body too cranky to get out of bed this morning. Now get up and go out there and pound the pavement and work a little harder. Fashion smarter make things happen An contribute don't don't be the drop down. That's why i respect you out gonna know you pretty good over the last couple of days and even last several years there you were multiple diverge you got the family of four you give me your routine about eating dinner as a family together And praying dare every night. And i just don't think just you know and then you're still chasing this out. I has fatherhood and the people you get on there and that you reach out to. I'm amazed by urine rationing So i appreciate what you're doing and i try to follow the same standard of work hard provide on the same way. I appreciate that manage..

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