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Just search T R A F F, I X Chicago. I'm Eric van Velde from the traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death the WGN forecast meteorologist, Tim McGill sunshine early today, the clouds of Bill towards late morning into the afternoon. A partly to mostly cloudy slight chance for spotty shower during the day, but most of the day, dry, mild and breezy with a high seventy seven better chance for scattered showers thunderstorm tonight, especially between seven o'clock tonight by midnight. It'll be breezy cooler reform about fifty two for the low tomorrow. Maybe a brief morning shower, then partly sunny skies for some clearing during the afternoon. Fifty eight for the high clear lakeside once they mostly sunny, sixty seven again, lakefront Kasit evening shower Thursday, but most of the day partly to mostly sunny with a high of seventy Friday, mostly sunny. Sixty nine again, cooler long lakefront Timothy the WGN weather center. It's partly cloudy this morning. Sixty degrees at O'Hare fifty seven at the lake I'm Vic Vaughn in the WGN newsroom. Ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. From the off date skyline studio. This is the Steve Cochran show on seven twenty WGN. And. And if we've chocolate eggs. Okay. You're not really heavy day after Easter six nine jumping in the middle of night favorite, son. Craig is. Senate engineer into the city of stats. They can turn on computer. Use swell. Six nine start the program. I've ever had a fabulous Easter weekend. Six minutes Kogyo and yesterday was killer. Wasn't that great a wedding say Joe ally? We went again. Right. A week earlier on Sunday we had seven inches of snow. Same tomorrow. That's what's gonna be fifty five. That's the opposite end again. Then looks like it's going to be pretty nice all week spring's here. Yeah. Doesn't work fix that. Man. Make that work. Throw it out a window. It's six ten and van Judy. Well, my brother head a huge Easter bash and for about forty some people I think so we had brunch. And then the kids a huge Easter conto. They're probably about twelve little kids.

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