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Hello I'm not L. Samri with diabetes. House your ass Nadia columnist. Recently I've been receiving many emails about the high cost of insulin when I saw a press release from a frazier the makers of the inhalable insulin offering you insulin. At four dollars a day I had to reach out and ask for an interview. Michael CASTAGNA chief executive officer of mankind. The makers of a frazier offered to take my call an elaborate more about their new program. Welcome to my show Mike. Yes so Fraser just made an announcement that you have a new direct purchase program that can really help people with diabetes. Where money's issue when it comes to insulin. Can you tell us a little bit about for your listeners? They they've been wondering what is the first and so far as they take on your food arrives and so it can replace your injectable influenza or you can add a two or tablets so one of these being out there for a couple of years now. The price of on the access in the nineteen came around. We decided to do something about it that we saw and we just replaced out and for for people that use Basal Insulin. Can they also use inhalable insulin? The studies have been done adding the baseball begun adding it to oral just adding the best form but now it's indicated for type one and type two diabetes can people find You know one of the things people could realizes you take a one your food so you're not trying to find your meal and what time. Take your plan injecting public We know one out of five people just because of workplace issues. Lunch meeting So we hope that you can make something. That's discreet. They carry on them But type one type two adding twitter taking her replacing your injectable to lifted are all about know. We came out with a low cash all her because we wanted to be part of the solution gone after and we see people. Fanta brushed under really pressure. Does he four dollar a day? The average person's dosing INC so in requirements. That's a great question. Then that's that's one of the challenges with the prices. Insulin that you don't know some people need thirty six units a day of mealtime control comfortable mainly forty eight six hundred and so you know. That's the part that we toys hard when you're coming up with a fixed price program to guarantee of everybody that's always say as low as four dollars really interesting you know for the first thousand people because we want to see what the demand we ten thousand one hundred The order to see a lot of noise and now the question is how do we get the word out and get people to find out for those that are paying cash or is buffalo plans for their loved one. So what we ought. Clinical trials was the the average person roughly thirty six units a day and the Pie Studies. That's about three twelve cartridges and we did price that at four dollars a day if you were to take three a day You could buy a ninety cal. Twelve hundred bucks four hundred twenty dollars for the month to that not needed twenty four units. We offer a hundred eighty box. That again gives you a little more flexibility on your dosing to meet your meal need and to one dollars a day but it gives you that flexibility and is there is there a certain percentage goes up for every say twelve units that you need or what formula is used to calculate the different price points for people. Think about the dollar thirty three cartridges. How the price point work out four dollars a day if you're taking three doses at the dollar thirty three per meal and we don't know do people take a day or the criminal than a snack and really the best way to think about it. And that's what we were trying to think about. What is a fair price for society You know they make much money but we do believe it's important that people have access to care. And that's you know that starbucks day the bill we think you know if you're paying cash see As we stated depressed over sixty five thousand four the love are spending over two hundred dollars almost fifteen thousand spending over seventy dollars a month so special opportunity cal make a difference for people that are spending a lot of money and how many cartridges are in the packaging packaging ninety count one hundred and eighty boxes so Just depending on what you type patient may take twelve to twenty four units build average. Actually tell them to take hundred eighty bucks and that will give them more than one supply now. Is there anyone that this insulin is not appropriate for yes? There are some restrictions so it's a great question anyone that has the oh. Pd as active smoking. You know you are delivering through the lungs and Bill. You want to make sure that you're not bounding that issue you know because of the surface area if you smoke you know. We don't want want interaction. But that has really worried about putting dry powder on the lung so so it's really those. Those three conditions are really restriction available label. We estimate about one out of five patients for the other. Four out of five people have diabetes are appropriate Kennedy Tour for him and the way the program were to. It's it's for the first thousand people that sign up. They can get it at four dollars a day is that is that correct for January. We shipped our first nations out already this week. So that that's exciting And you know we're we're trying to get the word out through could like yourself and Ada We we think consumers will share the news We'll will goes extend that for a few weeks February. I think we'll wait a couple more days. They call But but even once a January date under the first people and They'll still be fair. Cash price of one of the things have our company. I'll make sure we serve people diabetes. I'm making sure people paying cash. They have the most accurate available for Catherine. And you mentioned the J. B. R. S. so there is indication that children can use his junior after the computerized you vow diabetes research station. They've been branding themselves for type. One broader with adults as well We are studying in and kid And so we. We're we're currently not indicate if I'm less than eighteen but we are kickoff piatra trial also says he finished that up. We'll be hopefully ready to go to pastry later this year and Of the file death for poodle. That's an area that will work in towards book are indicated for right. Now we see and you also have a An additional savings programs for people that have insurance. How does that work is is so if you have a co pay that means that some insurance cover the hailed insulin? Only ninety eight percent of patients are covered by insurance. We see very few cash. And that's one of the reasons with launch program because we don't think people you know there's a lot of inefficiencies now care system that drive up healthcare costs and so we've been able to do is cut out. All those fitness efficiencies and provide low cash price directly to the patient. So you worked with a party out Florida. All the upon our inventory it's shipped from that facility and we'll get those savings directly to the patient by really eliminating all the fishing but on the other side of the equation is ninety five percent of people that have insurance and former fashion We are covered in the majority of healthcare plan. sometimes there's a minor prior authorization. The that's using its approved within the I. Worst case scenario and our average patient co-pay.

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