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Nearly news consumption is there anything that journalists can help to duda to try to bridge this divide back with me now john out on the editor of the daily beast and a cnn political analyst and david zurich media critic for the baltimore sun john first to you that this concept of of negative partisanship how do we explain it how do we how we boil it down for the audience over the past several decades people have become obsessed with politics as a badge of identity the way perhaps religion may have been but increasingly as those coalitions are pretty frayed what do libertarian republicans and the religious right really have in common for example what the is they focus on what they hate what they oppose that drumbeat that's been cameron home bipartisan media in particular and their politicians so the co only glue holding the coalition together is opposition not proposition and we see that played out an election cycles as well it's easier to rally people to come out against something the disdain for something in that ends up degrading our democracy that's what i kept seen with coverage of the roy more scandal the idea that folks are going to stand by roy more conservative commentators and some voters simply because they can't bear the thought of letting a democrat and this has been particularly epidemic in the trump era as you point out right it's trump's going after the media so i may not like trump but i liked the people he's attacking that's of blue boxes obsession with keeping on talking about hillary clinton the losing candidate usually it's not talked about nine months into another campaign but it's the glue that holds together there otherwise fragile and fracturous coalition so we see evidence of this all the time.

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