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What we like oh i should get what we were with so rice in montana we always talked about just in because of the greatness of them in what they were able to accomplish based of how they worked hugh in redwood city on qian bureaux chummy what up hugh how human pretty good how about yourself with cement i'm good pay uh just athletes maybe that uh got heard or whatever first when it comes to mind is scale stairs yeah for sure that's a common oil to come and when we did have that one yeah that's that'd be go as you imagine jail sears in uh in the nfl today and have great he would be we're as living in fantasy world but yeah that's a good one you'll for sure and mickey mantle club the cne early in his career by eight yeah no for choice hurt he was always heard didn't puts out that movie sixty one with a ladder maher's yeras no until god actors petr berry peppered pepper the hell's is day thomas jane that's his name the punisher what a great when we was not really highlighted mantle's mantle's physical problems i like that movie lot it's crazy but you're right mickey mantle's good one hugh inept ali a sandy colfax had retired early update could arthritis in his arm and he was only thirty thirty one something like on the news pretty young for that day a he dipped out may be interesting if if third gastank sandy stuck around offer two years thank you for the call the appreciate that i just got word we're gonna push clifford bag a ted minutes let's just get to j t maniac real quick and james we'll get to your next j on cambior's chime it went up jj guy tell you do a good how you doing hey we were talking a lot about your speed have to gain uh baseball we're talking about air air i hear about you know the pitch and you know in between pitches what do you do with your no more diversity of parts what do you do with their do you get you give them a strike here if if they're taking to love guys like that ugly yeah you should uh.

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