Gary Player, Bristol Connecticut, Espn discussed on The Golf Podcast - Saturday Recap: 6/17/17


Gary player was in bristol connecticut when i was still living up there his but this we wanna how to read about seven or eight of us from espn were all invited to go out to dinner with gary player gary met each one of us now i knew him a little bit before this but he met all the others for the first time as we were sitting down to dinner he then held court telling stories in making are not just making contact with everyone but if he thought like someone at the end of the table kinda wasn't including the story you'd say john don't you know don't you know about that it and bring that person into the story and have them why converse with the he was amazing i mean i i get it he's beta connecticut's will celery hail ordered off the menu aegis that i would like a pile of carrots and i would like some cabbage and i would like it was just great i just whatever roughage you wanna be just keep bringing carrots until i say new i'll tell you when johnny miller's say tonight johnny miller said sixty three square for the greater milwaukee open this going on out there uh i you know i and i wrote this michael until i i'm sick of the greater milwaukee open comparison that we've been getting all week because that's an easy one i almost feel like three days into it it's already a tired cliche i but i will say this much if you ripped all the usga signing off this place changed graphics on tv and made this a pga championship right now going into the final round of i said one of these guys gonna when a pga championship and this is the year's final major i look out and say you know what really good course really fun tournament i'm all in uk control the elements like if there was no rain it was dry and hard this course would be really hard because balls would run through fairway they'd run idiot greens and run throat so it's like a what are you supposed to do you can't sort of predict what was going to be three years out in advance or whatever only picketed i will make my olympic a daily reminder on this podcast to letting of doesn't every day this week but it's a par seventy two.

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