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Okay. Oklahoma's place to talk. The workdays over. Now, let's hash out the day's events. This is the drive with Leigh Matthews. Good evening. Let's reset the scene and revisit some of the topics on the old topic buffet are you watching the Super Bowl this coming weekend. I am not. Sometimes I do even though it's a team. I don't really care about. But not only do I not care about the two teams. I think it's a counterfeit Super Bowl. I just do. But are you going to at least watch it for the commercials? Little bit later on. We'll get into how some legislators want a five day week back in schools. What do you think of that? And we're also talking about Kendra horn and Kendra horns nubile she's calling it the shutdown to end-all shutdowns Bill basically stripping money from the president. If there is any sort of government shutdown as though those in the legislature just sitting there with a little halo over their hair. Nobody's to blame in the legislature. No, I mean, not not legislature there the house of representatives. Now, if she were more comprehensive and that nobody got paid. In government. I'd be all about that. A dispensary was robbed. Probably don't have to look very far to find the culprit and a little bit later on our Democrats bringing in anything, and I mean anything to the table when it comes to borders other than we don't want. We don't want Trump to have any anything. We don't want him to have anything no border. No, nothing. In fact, the the more the borders, look, bad and the more porous. They are the the worst the president looks that seems to be the philosophy. That's coming from Democrats in the house of representatives. Yes. I mean, Nancy Pelosi. And anybody who's going to put the security of the United States at risk? For political gain. I don't think deserves to be in that position. All I know a lot of politics a lot of congressmen and senators get into office and realize what the gig is and like it, and they wanna stay don't blame them. There's a lot of perks. If you're doing your job, right? There are a lot of perks. But there's a lot of work a lot of work. In fact, I wouldn't want it. I told you about my visit to Senator Lankford office. Do you know, it's plastered all over Senator Lankford office. The the recurring motif. Pictures and sculptures and little trinkets here and there. Of Jesus washing the disciples feet. And I asked him I said that one of your favorite themes in the bible. He said, yes. Service. Jesus. The Lord is serving his people. I said, you know, I like that. I said I wonder if if I wanted to the senator's office of any of the other senators here, the democrat, Republican, whatever I would see that kind of dedication to service. That's why I think Senator lifer deserves to say there. Congressman Russell was kind of the same way. Of course. I think congressman Russell was brought up in service with his service to the nation. He was a Lieutenant Colonel. Many want to be a member of the house of representatives because it's a cool job, dude. And everybody looks at you and listens to you. And that sounds to me like what the Cossio Cortez's attitude is. Anyway. Now, your thoughts. Eight four thousand star one thousand on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. Police are seeking information hoping to locate a man who allegedly robbed a metro gas station and convenience store with a machine gun. It's about ten o'clock last night at Murphy USA near south western and one hundred fourth Cording to policeman walk to the store asked the clerk for a pack of six while the clerk was getting the cigs. The suspect pulled out a gun described as a mic MAC ten type weapon. According to the police report that Amanda was cash the suspect and left the property northbound through the parking lot. The Clark said told police that she's not sure how much money the suspect got away. Mac ten MAC ten by the way as a nine millimeter full automatic machine. Pistol. To own one and to be walking around the streets with one is massively expensive to do it legally you have to have a class, three license. You have to maintain that class, three license. So if it was a MAC ten which I doubt it was. It's more expensive to walk around with the money. He was using to if he's doing it legally. But then again, oh, wait a minute. I suppose to be illegal, Dave rights Lee. You are almost certainly wrong. As is channel four and reporting the machine gun was used in a robbery the semi auto version looks just like the full auto and the full auto fires from an open bolt semi on top full auto Mack second. Oh, he's showing a picture of the two. It has a collapsible stock and there's about seven thousand five hundred dollars. So daily agree with you. I doubt that was the weapon used to. Because that's not something you see why it may be looked like it. But I doubt it was onto national news as the deadline approaches for the government shutdown again and everybody's racing to try to get the president to stop from doing that. But making laws against it. But Michael hours joining us from twenty four seven news who is pressing the president Michel and are the Democrats come. To the table with anything. So far, the Democrats have remained pretty mom. The closest thing we've seen as we've seen dick Durbin who's going to be on this big seventeen person roster. The all star if you will for bipartisan panel of negotiators has said that he trysted in funding a border patrol barriers if there was an immigration reform for doc on the table, and he's looking for a full reform in regards to Dhaka now, that's the closest we've come to it. I don't know that that's going to come into play in whatever the final negotiation or multiple negotiations may be or whatever kind of in the middle meeting. These guys can come to Galveston come to in the seventeen member bipartisan panel, but it's going to make their start today. That's when they've had their first hearing is ready to go today. It's going to be the conference committee that has until February border security package, and they are legitimately going in there for the sole purpose of compromise. Because you're seeing these most senior members of congress involved in your. Seeing able lack of vocal immigration hardliners there. So this doesn't sound like it's going to be the politics as usual. This is going to be the politics of negotiation and trying to come up with a compromise here. And and then I guess and and and cross your fingers at the president or Nancy Pelosi would both be interested in signing off on. This is Nancy Pelosi threatening any of her members who are also part of this committee, if you cave, I will make sure none of your bills. See the light of day. It's interesting. If that is the case, I don't necessarily know dick Durbin would've come out and said that what you said about it. He would be interested in funding the border the border security at the border, okay barrier element of it. But that said it's very possible that that was just the, hey, this is the open door policy. And then what we're going to hear behind the scenes is going to be something totally different. So we know that in the past Nancy Pelosi has gone out and reached out to some of those individuals who are part of these negotiations. We also know the negotiations went on behind her back actually during the shutdown were legitimate negotiations that had some level of merit to them that neither she nor President Trump would sign off on. So it's interesting because you've seen the only way to really sort of reflect what's happening is this sort of look at the polling element, and you can find polling for every narrative out there. But in regards to that you're seeing President Trump's polling go very poorly just before the shutdown and here afterwards, people are still placing the blame at the foot of President Trump. But you also seeing Nancy Pelosi have really poor ratings coming out of the shutdown for people believe. That she didn't do a good job in the Goshi nations. And the she was as hard headed as President Trump was through that. So is that something that you are you expecting either party disorder softened up here when it comes to these negotiations and compromise. I don't know. But it would seem as though they both feel like they should recognize that the American public is not too happy with the way things went down during the shutdown now. And and it's interesting because you know, the legislative branch that is what they are supposed to do. They're supposed to compromise debate. And and make deals and the fact that she's not willing to do that right now in it appears on any level speaks volumes of what actually is behind this whole thing. Yeah. I mean it definitively. I mean, listen to you you had on both sides nobody bending, but I do think that you know, if if this is gonna come down to language if that's what Nancy Pelosi hinging this all on like if she's willing to go all in on border, secure. Or some for form of twenty-first-century border wall. That's more of an high-tech element. Then you took a whole hell of a lot of time during the thirty five day shutdown to really get to the point where you're willing to be flexible on that because you during that shutdown that you weren't. So if you're becoming flexible now, that's good news in regards to preventing another shutdown from occurring. But at the same time, you held this all up over language that would seem like a pretty damning moment for Nancy Pelosi here. So I'm interested to see what it is that this party can come up with. I have no doubt that they're going to come up with some level of compromise. It would be difficult for somebody on either way from. But it's really going to be telling as to who it is that is more flexible and willing to bend and who's going to come forward with. Hey, look at this great deal that we've got meanwhile, there's a couple of books coming out about the Trump White House as the Muller investigation may be winding down. Of course, we've heard that before Michael Bauer I feel like I've heard about every month since solid go back to opt Tober was one. For the first month. I can remember hearing it in that came from the lips of Rudy Giuliani. Yeah. I don't think we're any closer. I don't I think you're seeing legal experts that are kind of pointing to a very sweaty Matthew Whitaker and saying I don't know that he necessarily knows what he's talking about. I'm not sure he was ready to or prepared to answer the questions he was asked on Monday. And that reality is just look at what happened with Roger stone pleading not guilty yesterday. The charges of the Russian investigation. They the FBI went into Roger stone's, home and collected computers and phones and the high tech world of forensics takes a very long period of time. You could have a phone that just has thousands of documents. And they've got to go through the phones they've got to go through the computers to try to track down. What it is that they're looking for..

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