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Before we could walk practically lived in the batting cages. He was behind home plate more than he was home and one day after all that hard work be found himself walking into a major league baseball stadium. After buying a ticket at the front gate, a news bleed seats obscured by a poll, but he was in there. New Ricky never did play in the big leagues. But he did switch his car insurance to Geico proud partner of major league baseball, which saved them a lot. So well in all things for good. This is John Feinstein with a CBS sports minute. The coolest story of this college football weekend. We'll take place not at any of the power schools in on TV networks, but at the university of North Texas the school with produced mean, Joe Greene. Arguably the NFL's great defensive lineman is unveiling a statue of green on Saturday before it plays Louisiana tech to honor green further North Texas is bringing greens number seventy five out of retirement for one game. Allowing with Darius Hamilton junior defensive end to wear the number Saturday the program even put together a takeoff on Rene's iconic co commercial in which he walks into the locker room finds Hamilton sitting alone and says here kid, try this one tossing him a number seventy five North Texas jersey, then a lead together Hamilton and number seventy five green in gold hall of fame jacket. There's no coke in the video. But it doesn't matter. It's absolutely brilliant. And well deserve a one more thing. The mean green or four now, I'm John Feinstein. Brendan how you guys doing. Thanks, pleasure, man. What do you think about this game last night? What's up? I I'm a friend and honest, I think, you know, it shows more of a lacklustre of the Rams defense that they spend all this money on the defensive guys and players, and none of them came and show up last night. Even though they won the game. Well, I think part of it is is health, right? Because it keeps to leave is out. So they're they're forced into their second level defensively. Marcus Peters played even though he clearly was compromised. You could see it. They're d- line Plato came and they had five cents. They got after the quarterback when it was especially when it was most important, but you also can't forget Minnesota has has as good of an offense as any team in the NFL. I we we we we we don't think about Kurt cousins is being a guy who can make all those does he made every throw right? They were over. And when they had the zone coverage is with the with the flat defender, it's right over top of the flat. Throw I know which one. Right in between the safety. I mean those throws a hard to make he made them regularly last night the play calling as well. Johnny filipo. I think learned it from his his mistakes from previous week in buffalo where they threw the ball fifty five times and rain it I think six and two of those rods with the quarterback. So there was more balance. They do need to get more out of their out of out of dalvin cook. And they're run game in Minnesota. I think that'll be making better. But to sit here and say, Minnesota's offense is not good with with with digs and feeling talent. I didn't say a word about their offense defense. Well, their defense is disappointed. It's supposed to be the best in football. Various my whole point is very disappointing. And I it's it's funny because I look at it. And I and we talk about Everson Griffen. And the fact that he is their their leader. You know, it's not even a question about him being a leader of this team. He issued a he put a post out. I mean apologizing for not being available. But that's one of those things you forgive right? He's got some bigger bigger than football right now. But you would think that one guy somebody steps up fills the void? Even if it's, you know, seventy percent fifty percent of the void, and it and it feels better. They just get get. They got roasted they were mismatched on almost every single play BT. And you saw it and it was frustrating. I'm sure but it's early part of the season, you hope they figure it out. But watching these last couple of weeks with the Minnesota Vikings defense, it doesn't look like they have anything figured out right now. Get rich shoes out in Detroit. Michigan riches on Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio rich. What do you got? Buddy, take it away. I agree with agree with BT. Any earlier point is not a contrarian point. These leaks are need to realize that there are people out here who do not like games where the scores. I just ran arbitrarily. I can remember before this was every other game scenario. There was about five years ago. I saw NFL game. And the score was something like forty five to forty one. And the game was horrible. It was complete. We just people running. I mean breakaway plays everywhere was Zillow defense. There were penalty flags and turnovers and everybody was just going on like, wow. That was one of the greatest games you obscene. It was like one of the first games of the year. Who was it was actually terrible. Because of the score in touchdown, highlighting. They were. Be clearing at one of the greatest. And I remember games. We used to have damp fowl, San Diego Marino. Miami has right. You get that. Every once in a while. Yes. Good game. When it's not a good game. A random scored is not equal. Good game. Too much. Rich may Richard. What may take? I liked it. Because I know these two offenses are explosive and exciting. I don't know who can stop them right unless they stop themselves last week with the Buffalo Bills in the Minnesota Vikings turnovers, they stopped themselves. Too much talent on them on their team to to have a six point output. This is more of what you would have expected regardless of where they're playing from the Minnesota Vikings and from the Los Angeles Rams. So I enjoyed it. I know what you're talking about. If you get this every week it becomes, but we do becomes we do the chief score thirty eight. There is shut again, the eighty points total. But the these are these are the elite offenses in the national football. They have talent everywhere. People are discounting how good athlete how good of athletes who are playing wide receiver running back and tied in the National Football League right now. And it is it is greater than it's ever been. I'm not discounting pointing out that they need to set the rules a little bit so somewhat fair for defense. It's not a can't. So think about a running back, and I've said this for a couple of years. It's finally starting to come to fruition when you have a running back that can do everything right? He can catch the ball the backfield. He can line up as a wide receiver can run between the tackles. He can run to the edges as a defensive coordinator. When you see eleven personnel. One running back one tight end or even ten personnel. A one running back and forth a wide receivers run onto the field. You're like what do I need to substitute keep linebacker him? Because Todd in this case Todd Gurley. They can just turn around hand the ball. If we if I put in five hundred percent a hundred percent, and and he's going to run through because he's two hundred and thirty five pounds. He's going to run through that db. Right. But if I don't substitute, and I leave two linebackers run by a Cooper cups going to run a crossing route turn up the field and beyond Anthony Barr run by so it was a coordinator, you have you can't guess, right? That's why you need the rules to help you a little bit more. Maybe come back to go back to what what was it? Nope. Can't checking. No, you don't want to regress to that point. He comes on watch on telling you the evolution of the running back. Right. It's making these offenses impossible to defend because a defensive coordinator can't be right? He because if you substitute you're getting the two hundred and thirty pounds saquon Barkley Todd Gurley lay on bell running it down your throat, you know, for eight yards of pop or if you keep the linebacker in there because you need the bigger bodies to stop the run that one back that linebackers be running down the field with his numbers facing the quarterback. Like oh crap right now like last night. Is a coordinated. You were stuck in thousand is a product of the athletes that are playing running back wide receiver and tight end right now it took a couple of years for a coordinators, and it took some really smart coordinators. Do this Sean Payton, Sean, Sean McVeigh Shanahan if he had to tell he does have the talent we did with the falcons he did. But he doesn't have the talent Francisco. But it's you see these guys starting to say, dude, I can I can I can gain the system right now. And they're doing it. And that's why you're getting games like this. And that's why I enjoy. Okay. All right. Listen, I I think that. I don't know that this would solve everything. But I know that you know, just for me. It's really frustrating to sit there on a Sunday right bounce around all these games and feels amplified when it's on Sunday stand alone game. Yeah. Sometimes it's a well officiated game sometimes as poorly in that's obviously going to be a central theme on all of our shows. But when you watch eight nine games over the course of a sudden, they were actually more than that things kind of blend in and you get a good feel for the league and the tendencies and the direction. Yeah. It's a narrative that over arches the whole thing that usually inaccurate. And one thing that drives me nuts is because you're right. The mismatch you right? I hear you girl as going to pave the box you gonna shove it down your throat. If you throw the extra linebacker out there to stop the run. You gotta get gassed on the shallow crossing the he's gonna turn up field at a slot guys. Get a run by every linebacker. I hear you philosophically thousand percent, right. But my problem is I can't sit there and watch games. And when you actually have a good defensive stand because once you get to the fifth five and a half yards, you grant, you grab a guys waste like that. You gotta stretch it back to six or seven yards. Yeah. You've gotta give the defensive players extra yard to to bump guys off their route to reroute them to your point. Otherwise, we arena football. We said this many times there's there are no rules that benefit the defense zero nine eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Let's get the update for MAC, Jason lockenfora, usual Friday spot. We'll talk to him about all the league issues. Injuries and everything you want to hit the big matchups. Here's the act banned. Smacker men..

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