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Going us by years after about ten minutes? Ten minutes was on at a time. That could see your face. They could see out. Like of the CR could ease the ease designed to say to results to know what's amazing was a great experience for me. That's incredible I've blown away Google or table. All those people I was going thirty four years old. I was managing about ten people and I always a sixty seventeen resign. was awarded streets company. Last week I I don't have any thing. I never been too big. Ask the only thing that I knew about big shot the movie. You I get there The flow dare we We spend another knockabout. Wants to fight me on to renovate doing square feet a week Eight thousand Doesn't square feet uncool? And He's been a huge success in on it. So we to us the on about dumping the plans unexperienced era. Nobody seen biggest nuclear industry. And of course the Team so I kind of hot on TV. Staying with me. And I beat it to to hire new. People is way sprayer future of the services. You know they're the Was was pretty great. I love that and I think that when you first got to the win and you took that time to really research investigate and see the systems in place. That really helped you with creating the plan that you then presented a lot of times. Business owners just rushing to something but something I always talk about. Is You have to do your research. I mean I met you in Vegas like I was researching everything about I mean. I was pitching every single hotel on the Strip going on Lincoln figuring out who the director of marketing was because I wanted to create an experience with them that no one else had to offer. And that's why I'm still good at pitching because I've done it so many times in so many people said no no no. No you don't understand like my clients like we'll pay. There's no limit on price. Let's just figure it out and then at the end of the day I think I had Thirty two different experiences yours included and then I remember the experience I had with you. We had the Bachelorette parties and then we did the shaving experience and that was new and not I loved can leave the met. The men out the investigation programs. Don't six months before I moved to the United States when I being vice when I being invited to win I just me and see I've been through every other stones in town. I have every tell main competitor hotel on the ought to be looked at you know the and I spiked. We make blow dry and stuff than a the exciting because what I was seeing from my compete job. The was not impressing me was pretty good. You know but is something so DJ disallows. We have like onset selling the world to us.

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