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Team. I fist is my latest. Multi author boxed set from serenade publishing. This time of teamed up with fellow ozzy's lisa by is seems been set in cities and kiss the digital. Only boxy is available on all the platforms including epochs google play code by amazon one of the other awesome platforms. It's only nine thousand nine scenes and we'll be available for a limited time. If you love australian rural rimington's than you will love these is fooling. Were all stories. My base selling novel the sky. I've amrried station is included in the same. I have eh one spot left on my new russia's trace which spang held on the beach from the eighteenth to the twenty first of october. You can stay the whole weekend or visit for life. You like will the infos on my website in september miles pohlad nyah doing some book signings signings in workshops around brisbane and the gold coast. The date house is also on my website and spots are filling up really quick said and now shout shout out to jody. Gibson has just become a go patron supporter of the shy j._d. Is the debut author of the memories we hide dealing with complexities friendships love depression and the consequences of sacred and split-second decisions the memories we hide as a compelling story exploring memories convoys be trusted but how they cancel you free that's available everywhere now and if you're an author who would like to sponsor all get a shoutout on the shy seemed email to me sarah at serenade publishing dot com we'll we'll become a patron at patriotair dot com forward slash sarah williams author for more information right. It's time for the interview today on talking <unk> old things regency and scottish historical with the very busy amy rose peanut enjoy the.

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