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The values of the bible are the correct values as filtered down through thousands of years of thought history and evidence and that that is what has created western civilization. And there's a whole other group of people who believe that Judeo Christian civilization, basically stands in the way of progress, and that all of the hallmarks of Judeo Christian civilization have to be obliterated in the name of of that progress, and the seems to mirror a lot the division between right and. What what do you make of that generalized thesis? Totally agree. I think that the Judeo Christian tradition is what is given rise to this unique system that we have this unique country, the free is most prosperous most benevolent nation in history of the world. And if I had to we could go in, and we could talk about how the majority of the founding fathers were strong, practicing Christians. There's debate about that. I mean, some people point to the high profile Ben Franklin Thomas Jefferson who are arguably not strong Christians. They might have been the or whatever. But the overwhelming majority of them were Christian, and they believed in the Christian, did you Deo Christian ethic, and by the way, just so people don't think I'm patronize Judeo Christian is not some euphemism. It's I considered Old Testament New Testament as a piece, and so that's what we're talking about. And so I think you can look at our founding and trace it and. I also think that the development of all these ideas, you can trace back to Christianity. And Jude Judeo Christianity. So I do have one final question for you. We've talked a lot about the value of church, the value of community and all the rest of this. There's still a lot of people who doubt the veracity of Christianity itself. What is your most convincing? It. You have to give thirty seconds to argue somebody into why Christianity is correct and people should go back to church. What is the what is the short? The short form argument of everybody. Book have written. Well, I I believe the Bible's inspired word of God every bit of an Old Testament and New Testament, I believe if somebody reads it with an open heart and sees how the testament the testaments are connected and see how the apostles were changed when they encountered the risen Christ that they will be drawn to him. And then they will be drawn to to read the bible. So that's why I write these books is to lead people to read the bible themselves. This is not the book of God. It's a book about the book of God the word of God. And so Christians believed that Jesus. Our salvation is in Jesus. So I would encourage people to place their faith in Christ. But they're not going to do that on a bet. Like, PASCAL said, they have to they have to really believe it, and they have to embrace it. And the only way to really do that is to introduce yourself to the bible familiarize yourself with the message of the bible are mentoring are preaching. And so you go to church, and that's what you do. You ask me why we would go to church. Well, we're we believe the Triune God, it's a community is a communal. God, we believe that Christians ought to live in community and Bill each other up and enforce each other hold each other accountable. So we are are made in the image of the Triune. God is what we believe as well. And so we're community people who should go to church for that reason. You can't do it all on your own and one of the one of the great debate. I've been having with some of my friends in the more secular community a lot of Neil enlightenment thinkers, people like, Steven pinker, and my Shurmur, and and Sam Harris who've been on here and talking about and the glories of the enlightenment is. Seems to me that they forget that the enlightenment was not rooted in nothing. It wasn't like things were just nowhere. And then magically in seventeen seventy out spraying this philosophy in one particular place at one particular time that the enlightenment values of value of the individual. There's there's root for that. And it's in Genesis when it talks about man being made in the image of God their roots to all of this. That's the key. Let's say that it wasn't founded by Christians overtly where you can look on a statistical chart the fact that they designed to government to be that believed in was based on NATO liberal rights..

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