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We talk about it We talk about global community Why do we avoid being vaccines What's my day How many of them have left the United States How many buses are being destroyed instead of Chad It is fine To end What's the point The rally was followed by an all night vigil in front of the home of White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeffrey science more protests are expected in Italy over the weekend as the G 20 gets underway In Sudan at least one protester was killed Thursday on the fourth consecutive day of clashes between soldiers and demonstrators in Khartoum who opposed Monday's military coup A Guantanamo Bay prisoner and survivor of U.S. government torture gave a detailed account of his brutal captivity to a military jury Thursday 41 year old majid Khan is the first former prisoner of CIA black sites to describe so called enhanced interrogation techniques in an open court For more than two hours Khan described force feedings waterboarding and other physical and sexual abuse endured including extended periods of nudity where he was detained in the CIA's network of overseas prisons from 2003 to 2006 Kahn was captured in Pakistan in 2003 and pleaded guilty to being an Al-Qaeda courier in 2012 He's being sentenced today In immigration news The Wall Street Journal reports the Biden administration's in negotiations to pay millions of dollars in reparations to families who were separated at the U.S. Mexico border under Trump zero tolerance policy The payments would amount to $450,000 per person This comes as part of efforts to settle several lawsuits filed on behalf of hundreds of separated parents and children who say they're still suffering from emotional distress trauma and psychological harm And related news a federal jury in Tacoma Washington has determined the private prison corporation geo group must pay minimum wage rather than a dollar a day to immigrants detained at its northwest detention center who are ordered to perform tasks like cooking and cleaning Facebook has changed its name to meta as it attempts to major regal brand amidst mounting scandals The company said the name better reflects its expansion into virtual and augmented reality It'll keep the name Facebook for its popular social media app The group real Facebook oversight board said quote changing their name doesn't change reality Facebook is destroying our democracy and is the world's leading peddler of disinformation and hate Their meaningless name change should not distract from the investigation regulation and real independent oversight needed to hold Facebook accountable they said Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been charged with forcible touching a misdemeanor crime for allegedly groping his aid inside the executive mansion last year The disgraced governor who was forced to resign in August amidst a flurry of sexual misconduct claims will have to appear in court November 17th for arraignment The Justice Department has agreed to pay an $88 million settlement to survivors and families of victims killed by the white supremacist in the 2015 mass shooting at the historically black mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston South Carolina This comes after 14 plaintiffs filed a civil case against the FBI accusing the agency of neglect for failing to prohibit the sale of the firearm convicted murderer dylann roof used in the massacre Meanwhile in Virginia jurors heard opening statements Thursday and the federal civil trial that charges the organizers of the deadly white supremacist unite the right rally in 2017 with an unlawful conspiracy to commit violent acts In his opening statement the jailed neo Nazi Christopher Cantwell one of 24 organizers of the deadly rally made references to mind comp and said the N word and blasted anti fascist advocates all within a matter of minutes A warning to our audience the story contains graphic descriptions of an execution In Oklahoma prison officials Thursday strap condemned 60 year old prisoner John Marion grant to a gurney and injected him with a lethal cocktail of three drugs Midazolam vecuronium bromide and potassium chloride AP reporter Shaun Murphy witnessed.

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