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They make that call they get that face mask on their earlier dr different game true it might be a different game but that particular call cost to saints here here's this keep going with his fan say they get the call and say ought to do now is like what run the ball wants take a knee or whatever the rams about fifty symbol assemble and the rams you know what i'm saying so how do you know just because they get that call that whatever you are planning executing to run the clock out goes according to change don't know that thought process when you call in a game as a coach when you don't get their call now all of a sudden you're going to do something different i get do something if i get all of that what you should do down closer now you can say well he threw the ball dribble that his he shouldn't that or p carol shouldn't do the ball we walked in with more charlotte true but in this particular situation if they get their call it's demoralizing not only to the rams it's an uplift to the saints in they know exactly what they need to do to win opposed to trying to figure it out it's a different game there's no question about no way to know to thin that's exactly right and if and butts and all this other stuff to wrong bed is never forget in detroit yet he fumbled at the goal and then ryan and they run all for to tackle on that play that saved a touchdown here here's another part of this so the the saints got hosed on that call they did it was a terrible call non call terrible non-call right the fact of the matter is the game didn't have triple zeroes after that call it wasn't over they still had a chance to go back on defense in regulation and stop the rams in the didn't the rams drove the field they got greg's airline to kick a forty eight yard field goal to send it into overtime they flip the coin saints won the flip they got the bowl i we saw tom brady did with that he went right down and never lost the puck come they didn't do that no but i'm saying why didn't they they had the advantage in this point right even after drew brees threw that interception the rams were not in field goal range they had to move the ball little bit defense let him down again the game didn't end on that play a song it in a different direction they had a forty they had plenty more opportunities to win and they didn't get it we had a thirteen zero lead at home a jerk off couldn't hear yeah i mean what more you want you had your star running back dropping passes allowing interception happen after a drop pass everything was doing your way you lost that game because the rams are a better team they settled down that kept you from scoring touchdowns and then they locked you up for the remainder of that game yes that's why you lost making that call would bail you out of the fact that you were out played for an entire football you got some little news update in terms of social media where you need a our very own clayton kershaw is now on instagram i didn't know if you know that dodgers put this out hey clayton kershaw twenty two fishing on instagram and corrie van vector sent me this now san francisco giants holding san francisco giants on embi c._s. there recline their reply is i bet his account will disappear in october guess some shade that's not shake that's all man it's also accurate ramon we're stuck with gay i mean come on man we're gonna pretend play oh facts on tober no but i think the narrative that he can't get it done towards the end of the postseason it's still out there i was waiting to see how that sentence was going to put the paragraph is not reduced to a center clayton kershaw loan i love clayton kershaw eight great pitcher he's a hall of famer he's not the same guy in october that he is the rest of their mind i did marino he's had some advice for the head coach of the ram sean mcvay and jared goff will hear what he had to say.

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