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Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour a federal grand jury indicted two men on extortion charge for a scheme in which a public works supervisor use Baltimore public works employees to do work the two men cashed in on their forty six gill Ronald Smith the Baltimore in thirty eight year old Phillip la Verde Smith also indicted on a charge of being a felon in possession of a gun he faces a maximum of twenty years in federal prison a jury found a Maryland police lieutenant guilty of sexually assaulting a woman after she left the party prince George's county lieutenant Richard talent was suspended when the police department learned of the allegations earlier this year he faces up to twenty years in prison Valerie Cunningham is running for mayor of Baltimore the former federal law enforcement officer announced her candidacy yesterday war memorial plaza joining a crowded democratic primary race the twenty twenty primary takes place April twenty eighth the general election November third charges filed against in and around the county man accused of setting fire fire to his ex girlfriend's home while she and her son were sleeping Antonio right charged after detective reviewed surveillance footage witness interviews and evidence at the scene he has a preliminary hearing in January we'll have a brief look at sports and your weather channel forecast is next okay you know how it feels when you've saved enough for that long awaited home addition now imagine in addition on that addition that's the feeling with Capital One renew savings account earns an interest rate five times the national average that's right five times as represented by five times more singers this.

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