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The other side of the glass brenston with every hour sal and jerry in for boomer and geo well what difference a day makes i will say that because you got a couple good wins for the mets yesterday inside joke by the way with roy we started and also the yankees last night late last night. I think they should be a major part of the story this morning. And they will be for sure As they lose their fourth straight to the angels while the raise just continue to win. We'll get to all of that coming up in just a just a moment. But i will say what the mets did yesterday. Got fun especially when you start with that. First game in the ninth inning. Good morning sal licata how. Bu yeah this is great Being here with jerry and look yesterday was bon. And for the mets. You want to say it's completely irrelevant because it's not as the braves lose again. The mets won two games in a day. I've have at least four. Look us as a family you could hope for is interesting games here down the stretch. But they did what they had to do. And it didn't look likely during that first game. I was fine with the apologies and that some people push back on that and didn't really accept that i was surprised to hear the boos as much as we did for bias. I mean i get it. But when they apologize just move on watch them win a game and move on and the way that that first game played out though. The team look dreadful. They look dead for eight innings. Well especially when dominic smith pops up on alonzo chase. Yeah yeah pitch up and out and you're like wow. I mean this is what it's been just like again. No right exactly. I actually fell asleep in the third inning. Woke up just in time to see that bases-loaded dom pops out alonzo strikes out. They let me go back to sleep. Why waste my time with this and the whole afternoon. I'm thinking. Why am i wasting my time with this damn game again until the night and then it comes down to says who's often you think and this is what you love sports. This is great drama. You can make that stuff up and then you see what buyers brings with his energy. His speed on the base of the mets. Don't really have a lot anyway. Look they beat the marlins. We're not doing victory laps here. But they did what they had to do and they did it in unlikely fashion in game one. They won again in game two and they at least for the moment. Start to make things a little interesting catch the phillies first before you worry about the braves which they have a long get to five hundred catch the phillies and then maybe can start thinking about the post but at least they won the two just when your games. That's all and this is something they couldn't do in miami a few weeks ago when this lousy stretch basically started if you think about it and so they win a game. They probably shouldn't have won. So you're good with that and then you come back in the nightcap and you know conforto. He's a big hit in the first game. He gets the big hit in the second game. And all of a sudden it's doubleheader sweep and again you're not going nuts But if i'm going to sit here and say and i don't believe that at this point anymore as the raise keep winning but you know while the yankees had gotten to six and a half had gotten a fight you know. I'm thinking you know the way this lineup is stacked now. I could see the making a run. Assuming at some point. Tampa comes down to earth a little bit now. That hasn't happened in the yankees have gone the other way. But if i'm going to be fair and sit there and say at six and a half. I think they still have a shot. You know the mets you win a few games in a row now and you get it to five and a half as we hit september first. Crazier things have happened. I am not saying they're gonna come back and win this division by any stretch. But i'm also not just going to write off the season at this point either. Let me paint the best picture right now. I don't think they're gonna win the division either but it's not out of the remmel possibilities because a even though the braves have been on a tear as of late part of the dodgers here. It's not like the braves some world leaders to where you can't chase them. Ozzy albee's got her last night. Be you have door. Baya's conforto starting to contribute his minor. As it may be well conforto has for a few weeks and you figure that at some point things are going to level out a little bit with that pasta stuff with the fans. I think that that does maybe now. And it's like you're in a relationship whatever or you're married with your wife you eat. Sometimes it boils over you get into a fight and then after that it's okay let's go have some dinner. Whatever it may be or the makeup anyway you get passed up on relation yes exactly. It's kind like that. All right boiled over fans are ticked off. Take off but then they go out and win a couple of games and see jacob degrom is potentially coming back slowly but surely starting to throw each day and you see that if he comes back. That's a whole nother jolt in their plus. It's only their schedules. The most difficult thing so it is. It's not out of the ability. Yeah and you know. Like i said atlanta plant. Top teams Here maybe maybe the mets can't get back in it therefore away from five hundred. I got to leapfrog phillies. Then after that. And then obviously folks on the birds put at least. They did what they had to move. This stretch we talked about the fifteen games right kind of the opposite of the giants and the dodgers will. The mets need to make up for what they lost. Two and eleven in those thirteen against the giants and the dodgers. They need to make up for that against the nationals. And the marlins they're off to a good story. Yeah no there's no question about it and you know. We talked about it yesterday as well in terms of how you make up ground or lose ground very quickly. They lost a lot of ground are in that stretch because the braves were on a tear. You mentioned the break playing the dodgers. Well it's kind of what happened in the mets all right we will see but all i know is we sit her on september first five and a half is not crazy. And you've got a you've got a chance to have a relevant september which two days ago you know going into that marlin game and i know. They want a couple of games with the nationalist but with what happened. And then i just felt like the season was over and done with and louise ross was fired and that was that right now. They could go out and they're not playing tonight anymore. Who knows maybe they get swept over the weekend and we're right back here on monday very fragile any question about it but i do think kind of like the way i believe the yankees will ultimately be in the playoffs for sure. I do believe that Even if it's as a wildcard. I think their lineups too good. At some point. I agree with what you said a moment ago in that you these guys are in two hundred hitters all year long at some point. There's got to come hot streak for somebody. i think. Conforto has been very consistent. The last few weeks we'll see if that continues lindahl reno before he got hurt was getting better. Let's see if he can do something. And you got bias. He is what he is as we know. And if he can be that jolt energy and if the fans can move on as you say then and it's funny because people. Oh the mets offense it stinks. How come they can't scorn. Iran's it's an apple just at conforto inland door. I mean combined sixty rabies on the year. That it can't happen you seeing. What a difference conforto himself can make he changed the games. Big bay satan game one and then a big bomb in game two. That's what they need for michael conforto. That is why met fans are frustrated with him because he's had a miserable season. You know obviously over thinking. And he's admitted to that. Basically going up there in You know he's over thinking instead of just playing a game letting them trying to do too much and he's obviously failed miserably but he can be a difference maker and you saw yesterday one game now did you. Were you okay with the apologies. Or did you have a problem with that or you thought watching both by is and linda for i i really believe number one and maybe i'm wrong about this but lodging by is with the apology. He speaks good english for sure. I'm not you know it's not like he needs an interpreter. Nothing like that. But i do think there's an issue with off the always say this. I think there is a language barrier to appoint like. I felt like he was talking circles. Almost as if he didn't know how to put certain words into where he where he wanted to put them. We think he's afraid to offend. I don't think like if you listen to his apology. It was you know. I didn't mean to offend anyone. If i did i apologize. But then he started talking in circles. And i don't know if it's the language don't i don't know to be quite honest but i felt like he wasn't able to get out what he was trying to get out and i think he's gotten such a bad rabbit. We talked about it. Yeah i don't know. I don't know we don't know him enough. That's not a good guy or de the fans just and and again. I ripped him to but i also knew. The main problem was lynn door. Not by and the fact that baya's has become such a focal point. He's been five minutes exactly. He's a relevant in this. And who's we don't even know anything about him. That's had a problem with him being the one to leak it but the fans want to ignore the the reality is that it wasn't just buying it was all those guys do and mean the main culprits will endured so you heard his apology. I'm assuming i did and your thoughts on that. I thought it was fine. I don't know what you want from them. Well remember.

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