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A man hunt is underway in phoenix villas authorities search for killer capabilities damn wing joining us live from phoenix ville with more dan well since then it's a normally peaceful alley known for a place where kids and teenage is calm hang out by the fountain nor sit on the benches and just kind of kill time but last night things turned brutally violent here ending in a murder bloodstain still remain on the ground right next to this found detectives are back out on the scene this morning retracing a steps of a killer he took the life of a 20yearold last night police say was just before ten pm when an argument erupted between two different reports what that argument with over but in the end 20yearold joshua mitchell shot and killed by 21yearold kion carpenter according to phoenix phil police carpenter then dropping his weapon and running off off the alleyway which is a great off of main street in phoenix veiled near the iconic colonial theater and a police say the carpenter ran off he is still on the run considered armed and dangerous now police a mitchell was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead ashore time later and unfortunately this is not the first sign that his family has been the victim of gun violence a brother of mitchell's was shot and killed in pottstown just a few years ago so this family once again dealing with a horrible horrible tragedy as a young life cut incredibly short but police are back out here on the scene there searching for kion carpenter pulled his photo is available on our website kyw news.

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