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I represented that company and traveled the country to agencies representing the company in convincing people to sell our products versus competitors. Yep boss forward a number of years. I'm working for a very large insurance company that owned an agency in atlanta. Which is where. I'm from and i had the opportunity to run that agency and i did that for a period of about four years when i was given another opportunity from our largest competitor. Which is the company. I run now brokers international and so for the past seven years. I have been running brokers international out of divine iowa as presidency. Oh so that's kind of a quick snapshot of how i became. I am all right. So i i wanna come back to your history in a sec but i want to dive in to the title of why we're here. Which is lead don't manage is also the title of the book so i'm gonna ask you the question that i think. Everybody has an opinion on. And i know you do. But here's the question. What's management versus leadership. Are they the same. Are they different. Which again everyone's gotta take what's your take on that. What is that. What are those words mean to you. How are they same. Hardly different great question. So i can manage my time or i can determine what i'm going to do with my time two very different things. I can manage my employees. Their comings and goings and nike. Give them a performance review. Or i can lead them to become better employees or a better division and that's really a view the the data day But the attendance of my employees maybe their workload. That's managing the employees oftentimes. I think that we forget that people look number one light to and oftentimes are required to be led somewhere and that therein lies the biggest difference. I think between managing and leading. But i'll also share with you. The biggest impetus for the book was i think. There is a lack of training both in management and leadership middle-management. Today you've become a manager because you're good at your job and you your job very well and now the department has gotten bigger. We need to add additional people in your division. And because you knew your job really well. You've got to be the manager. I think that's great but you might not know how to lead people or how to give a correct performance. Review were provide constructive feedback or challenging in a very appropriate way that they're doing to that wouldn't know if you're out. And how would you know those things if you're a good engineer. How would you know those things if you're salesperson. How could you possibly know those things right. Yeah we're in complete alignment. What you don't know mark. I also wrote a book called her. Co wrote a book called from bud bossed all about that transition right. Make that move. So there's no doubt that that's critical. So you're saying then management leadership both part of our jobs both important not the same.

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