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I hope that youth revived your home day this of course is our fort show the workweek so we've already put the hump in the rear view mirror were well past the middle point of our work week coming up next hour we're going to spend some time down under i do not have an australian accent that i could even effort i wish that i did but i i don't and really my british accent is limited to across the pond that's all i got but i do have no memory in more ideal were fredericks in australia right now and i had a friend who went last year and it's on my bucket list of trips to make though the flights the travel is about 24 hours each way but you know i i did eighteen hours going to africa and then twenty hours coming back so i figure i could hack a couple extra hours australia's that one of those places i definitely want to visit and then i see tweets about how it's a hundred and forty degrees on the courts so we'll talk some australian open coming up next hour and also getting set for the olympics do you know that the olympics are just weeks away the winter olympics in south korea artists weeks away actually the opening ceremonies are a few days after the super bowl is over and so generally you come off super bowl and it's a lot of nfl news still getting ready for the combine and kind of getting reacclimating to what's happening in the nba in the nhl 'course the all star breaks the trade deadlines those things those are around in college basketball gets hot and heavy with its conference play but the olympics are right in the middle now because the opening ceremonies are february night so five days after the super bowl and as always there's a lot to look forward to oh i'm i'm definitely disappointed that we won't have any tell players in the olympics it's going to be an adjustment i'm hoping that we get to see some new young butting superstars on his international stage uh but i am disappointed that we won't see the nhl players as one of the things that i always look forward to about the.

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