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That sexual relations should only happen between a heterosexual married couple. Young and that's the thing is like. Anybody, that would watch the nomination and Olivia nomination process. You would think that you wouldn't know anything about it. I mean conybeare at anything she really didn't answer any questions because I think I think that she knows she's there. She knows why she was picked the Republicans not why she was picked. And I think that you know. Lindsey Graham above all else hypocritically was the one that was the most offensive out of all of the questions on actually only Amy Kuney Barrett herself. But the fact of the matter is that she has been on school boards that ratified the discrimination against eligible students. She has been part of that organization that specifically says that women need to be subservient to the man and they can't make any decisions unless a man has given approval. Specifically hostage has talked about how the affordable Care Act is absolutely awful and you know just you know anybody that could pay attention to her track record would want to have and being presented. I think that I remember I mean that was posted a few weeks ago when Amy Kuney Barrett had been selected rather quickly after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing that. Amy Kuney Barrett is going to walk through the doors that Justice Revere Kuenssberg has for her to the closet behind her for other women so Yeah. That's that's I. Don't know who posted it. If you're listening I'm sorry I will give credit right into the show but. That's it's especially important to point that out because. You know she. She knows why she's Peck. She knows she was there trump picture for a reason and. As Nice as she look on purpose. In person excuse me as much as the Republican Party and the conservative media heads are trying to spin this as people will just not liking her because she's a Christian with lots of kids. That's not the reason why I don't give a crap about how many kids she has her what she practices religion on I give crap because she is supposed to be specifically situated in her position of power. To overturn years if not decades of progress that have been made and it's it's just so distressing that the balance that you know the balance how? Fragile that it relies on just one person. So I think it's extremely distressing that think about that. It's it's really interesting because in contrast to Ginsburg. Kids per she maintained one of the most consistent liberal voting records the history of the court. And Barrett has the same consistency and commitment, but on the conservative side so this will mean, and that's how I tried to emphasize it. This will absolutely mean. For decades I had there we're going to see. A Divisive issues constantly under attack constantly and media people just seem to be prepared. This is going to be real. It's going to happen and it's going to happen fast regardless of who wins the election this November which even exactly that's just scary to think about we have less than seven less than a week and a half to go. Before the November election I've already voted early but I think that you know just today you and I had discovered an article where you know trump is literally right now on a game plan to outmaneuver the election results. Because again, they don't really have confidence that he went on his own merit. So they have to cheat and they just talking about how they're going to legally and constitutionally maneuvered, and then that's part of why any conybeare was selected because trump is betting on there being legal battle to determine the election results and income inequality Barrett he feels he has an ally and it's very unfortunate that. Ruth Bader GINSBURG had passed away, but she picked a hell of a time to do it. Why can't? You.

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