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Activity is at least you should have some titi right well and i think this is just my gut feel but from someone who goes to school every day. I think when. I got rid of paul. I think the majority of that's because the growling stuff that happened was when paul was still there at the store No i've got rid of the picture of paul all the growling a lot of the i don't wanna use the word evil but kind of meaner scuff completely disappear. Which is what. I was trying to accomplish by getting would appall was. I was trying to get that even data out of there. So it's my personal opinion. That paul left a lot of that left with. Okay yeah no. I was followed on this. So we're doing our research air purpose. There is air. Group applies its effort as debunking searching on whatever leaking narrow down what we're dealing with now you're still were is like any other store at has. Aluminum roof has aluminum structures in the walls and it does have the hvac you alot things. We're going to get here. Knox good to hear movie. John made a great point when we first started that he said out loud and john. I wanna go enjoy and saying this that win. It's really windy here. The ceiling itself from the point of where you could see to ruth is another ipe c of eight space of ruth quote unquote when the wind blows. It grows through that roof area the same so that was when you said that. I'm like excellent. He he's aware and when you when the client is aware of the situation that makes it easier for us. I'm like cool. You know what you're looking for. You know what you're dealing with. John you've been dealing with it for so long. You know what you're looking for to express that also So we're doing that. We have to remember. Ac was cut off. It was on an internal sewerage flexing each. pac Knocking come the settling of it of the store you know. We were hoping they would have that interactive but unfortunately we didn't and we really encouraged it which brings us to That point of mike dix k John real quick forget about eighteen minutes left in the show. Let's talk about my days. His influence on the store real quick. And what you've done and they were gonna move onto the two subjects if you wanted to speak about okay so well for anyone that had the pleasure and i truly mean the pleasure of meeting michael He was a giant of a man and he was truly a gentle giant. He was he was a big man..

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