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But the White House threw cold water on it. And now there are no negotiations scheduled. But with lawmakers back home for the weekend, they may begin to feel more pressure as they hear directly from those constituents who are bearing the brunt of this shutdown ABC's Mary, Bruce. Now, the latest in traffic and weather together. The only issues we're seeing is northbound seventy five expect some varies lane closures due to construction work throughout the night between hobble and Mitchell now the latest forecast from the Exergen temporal thermometer weather center on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl. For the morning one or two inches on the ground by nine o'clock morning. Low twenty seven now for our Saturday snow throughout the day and two to four inches by about five PM a high of thirty two for your Saturday night. More snow and other incher to is possible. A low of twenty nine for your Sunday, another inch and then flurries and snow showers later, a high of thirty five from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning chief meteorologist, Steve Raleigh. News radio. Seven hundred wwl w the radar shows the snow moving into northern Kentucky and headed for us here in Ohio. It is thirty five degrees right now. You are the forecast road crews have been pre treating the roads, and there are multiple communities. Most of them in northern Kentucky that plan on declaring snow emergencies tomorrow morning to restrict parking on streets. Corine township Elise. Still hope that people will come out tomorrow to salute an officer who died this week. After being struck by a pickup. The weather will not change memorial plans for fallen Coleraine township police, officer, Dale woods. A funeral procession will get underway at nine thirty tomorrow morning starting at spring grove funeral homes and ending at Coleraine.

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