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Hi, I wanted to mention two things one is that the attack by Mr Bush in Kentucky was structurally and similar to what happened at tree of life synagogue. I went to kill blacks it so happened. The church was was locked. So he went to the next best place. And the other thing is from people who were there Lyman contact with. They protesters actually blocked Trump from getting to his at least one of the destinations. He was going to. And it shows a universal at least in Pittsburgh rejection of Trump's. Attitudes and in all other parts of his persona, and he was going there not to pay his respects as your announcer said. But rather just to pad his reputation. All right. Oh did. Thank you for contributing that the incident you're referring to of course, to African Americans were killed at us a supermarket. Jefferson town Kentucky a suburb of Louisville white man was charged with that. And I believe an investigation going on as to whether that's a hate crime. Mary, Bruce, a briefly, the president seems kind of unaffected about this on the on the campaign trail, but in the thirty seconds, we have left he he referred to. This is something of an interruption for himself. Didn't he the president? Did you know effectively put his campaigning on hold in the aftermath of the aftermath of this to make that trip to picks Pittsburgh, and then he was right back on the trail again. And what's interesting is that while you've had the president in many ways, you know, calling for a softer tone urging politicians not to attack their opponents as being morally defective. You know, he's sort of taken this this paused it to be, you know, presidential to condemn the violence. But in practically the same breath, the president then is back out there on the campaign trail, attacking candidates attacking party leaders. You know being that same old a? Donald Trump that that we're used to seeing on the campaign Trump. So folks, Mary I should Jack stick around we want all of you to stick around. We're talking about the week in the news. You can join our conversation. What did you make a President Trump's claims about his ability to end birthright citizenship with a flash of the pen is tough, talk and immigration helping to spur a needed conversation. Just a distraction for the home stretch of the election season. I'm David Folkenflik in. This is.

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