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Wow i was in zuza california i had moved back from milwaukee i think we talked about on one of our previous still in school no i i graduated i had moved out to milwaukee to live with the girlfriend who was there on halloween and november first she said i'm not love with you any more please leave so i'm so at the end of ninety three i move was backed by christmas and so then i worked for six months at the olive garden in orange county where such good memories of learning kurt cobain died there and oj simpson driving his his gene whatever was right by its and me listening to the the chase the bronco chase in the walk in refrigerator because they were piping in the radio coverage of it but then after six months and i was taking the bus i didn't have a car similar to you i didn't so i had to take the bus there i take three buses to get to work and then weirdly i won a bunch of money in vegas and bought a car really blackjack and used to be good at blackjack and so i would like sometimes come back with like twenty five hundred bucks or something so i bought a car and then i my friend said to me like hey if you're looking to move out of your because i was living my parents if you're looking to move my buddy has a condo in his ouza that's like super cheap and it's good and uses a little far away but.

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