Austria, Moldova, Hitler discussed on Omnibus



As part of that exchange the coastal area of along the black sea which was called to brugiere the russians said well we we have that territory we'll trade you for moldavia and so they did a little trade they'd rather have moldavia them the coast the russians would yeah because malaysia must be good well it's very hard to look at moldavia and understand why it is such a coveted place although it is at the mouth of the of a navigable river he out although who knows but but the black sea coast it seemed like russia had enough of it because it included sure at the time ukraine and crimea so they traded and now moldavia was part of russia again key met in a world where this just happens every couple of years like your globe is totally wrong because two guys with weird mustaches got together was like oh you take the mounds i'll take the the valley you now right right well as doesn't like today it's a huge thing if somebody even wants like move island in the middle of a river to the other country you know like borders just do not get redrawn that much today well but who like right now i mean there's there's this idea that the city of san francisco going to secede from the united states others not really but like texas would go if we'd let him go goes where do we put starfleet that's why i think we agree it was beijing probably beijing so then the russian revolution happen in nineteen seventeen and meriva was briefly independent but then invaded again by romanian law who kept it until and this is the wonderful part where we tight back in as germany was sort of seizing you know like on loosing with austria and taking part of czechoslovakia and you know kind of expanding there was this treaty called the molotovribbentrop pact where stalin and hitler were friends and agreed that they were going to split up europe with a lie down the metal yes who gets moldova multinational davey.

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