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A wonderful. Thank you everybody. We have unfortunately run out of time for today. So i'd just like to rack up and say a huge. Thank you again to susan. Richard and beth for joining us in the virtual studio today. It's been really interesting hearing hearing all of your insights different perspectives and actually. There's a lot of similarities coming through and what you're saying Just like to find out where our listeners can find out more information about if they want to susan g you have a nursery school. Have a social media account can follow or like that. They can go to our website at www dot com narrow world. School dot com wonderful beth. You don't have social media d day social media. Sorry my my. Many fighting's no stephanie. not a failing advertising. I'm rich can you just remind us of the social media for the past place yesterday so if you a twitter. Facebook post school cambridge nation. Wonderful thank you a big. Thank you as well to joanna bell. Who sent in crushes for the show. We do love to hear from from listeners. And from our cambridge panel ruled. Everything that we discuss will be linked to on the show notes. And make sure you follow us on twitter at cps and use the hashtag brighter pod. Share your thoughts on today's episode. If you're listening through. I tunes don't forget to leave us a review. It helps people find the scheib and thank you very much listening. And don't get tune in next time. Thank you and goodbye now..

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