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Good morning and dan welcome though the paul karic gun club it's not easy and the if you live in the northeast or lease the the coastal area were expecting a snow storm uh two to four inches for coastal main an part of a southern new hampshire and down into massachusetts some areas could get four to six inches an earlier this week people were walking around in shorts because it with have the need to degrees the portland maine where i live and now we're talking a snowstorm should be here uh in the next hour us thou so the weather has been up and down and up and down him we just can't figure out what to do but uh things are beginning to to come to an end where 23 days away from the arrival of spring an um than we can start thinking about the law and in the garden the shrubs and trees and so forth so let's get prepared for it nathan are we all hooked up with victoria yesler okay joining us this morning is victoria from natural alternative and now we're gonna talk about the law and how we can have the bath looking law in the in the neighborhood victoria good morning good morning car.

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